Plint - accredited NPFP with a unique localisation offering

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This is our unique place in the universe, everything we do revolves around language. So you’re not just getting studio capabilities when it comes to media processing. You're getting the full Plint language localisation expertise in the package says Johan Gladh, Head of Plint Studios.

While Plint’s early days focused on localisation, they have not only evolved with the industry, but helped to lead and shape what customers come to expect. And now, more than ever, that’s a ‘one-stop-shop,’ according to head of Plint Studios, Johan Gladh. Which is why after being invited to take part in the rigorous testing process, they succeeded in becoming an NPFP in 2018, opening up a dedicated end-to-end media processing studio thereafter.

Johan starting working for Plint back when the market’s focus was on authorising DVD’s and Blu-ray. Since then, he has helped to shape and build Plint Studios into what it has become today.

‘The NPFP accreditation was the spark that we needed to move our Studio from the ever-expanding Gothenburg headquarters to its dedicated space in Borås,’ explains Johan. ‘It evolved as we wanted to solve a larger piece of the puzzle for our clients. 10 years ago we were delivering a subtitle file. Now, we deliver everything together and with 25 different outlets to deliver to, you need to be on top of it. At the Studio we’re able to ensure that content is not only translated and localised to the highest standard but, that the audio and video is of pristine quality too. Delivered to spec for whatever the client needs.’

Like Plint’s other offerings, the studio doesn’t just solve the puzzle for its clients, it streamlines the workflow too — with clients working with only one project manager for throughout the entire process. And with a heritage rooted in storytelling, everyone is just as passionate about the role that they play.

‘We’re all film nerds. We love watching film and series, so it is cool to be able to work with this type of content and customers like Netflix,’ says Johan. ‘To be part of the global chain of events, to help more people see these fantastic things, it’s very humbling.’

There are currently only 27 accredited NPFP’s around the world, with Plint being the sole NPFP in Sweden. Plint’s headquarters are located in Gothenburg while Plint Studios is nearby in Borås. They also have an office in Los Angeles. Plint brings together state-of-the-art technology and talented linguists, to enable companies and individuals to share their stories — wherever, whenever.

For more information about Plint Studios, please contact Johan Gladh: