Pocit Labs starts shipping BlueTalk, the unique development kit that makes wireless P2P development easy

Pocit Labs starts shipping BlueTalktm, the unique development kit that makes wireless P2P development easy Pocit Labs now starts shipping the BlueTalk P2P Starter Kit - the first peer-to-peer (P2P) development kit for Bluetoothtm multipoint ad-hoc networking solutions. Pocit Labs - the leader in P2P software solutions for handheld devices and the winner of the Bluetooth annual award this year - today released BlueTalk P2P Starter Kit, the first spontaneous P2P toolkit for handheld devices, including Bluetooth multipoint CF-cards from Samsung Electro Mechanics (Samsung). "We are very excited to be releasing this first version of BlueTalk," says Tony Grass, VP of Sales and Relations. "We have a huge interest from customers all over the world long before this release so it is a pleasure to finally deliver the complete solution". This first release will be aimed at the Bluetooth marketplace and contains everything needed to develop and implement state of the art P2P solutions over Bluetooth, including the BlueTalk P2P platform, software applications, API's and multi-point Bluetooth CF cards from Samsung, the world's largest RF component manufacturer. Samsung had already acquired crucial technical know-how in the 2.4 GHz ISM band by developing and manufacturing high performance Wireless LAN devices. Therefore Samsung could develop one of the first Bluetooth modules that were certified according to Bluetooth Specification v1.1. The CF card shows such an excellent RF performance that Pocit Labs started to work with Samsung. "Decisive for us was the flexibility of Samsung", says Tony Grass. "Due to the in-house production, Samsung engineers are able to adjust the CF cards to our needs, while maintaining competitive prices." Samsung also looks forward to the new partnership: "We are very impressed with BlueTalk and its unique functionality for multi-point P2P networking over Bluetooth", says KR Lee, VP of Samsung Electro-Mechanics R&D Center, and continues, "BlueTalk will add an extra level of functionality to Samsung Bluetooth equipped product portfolio, enabling full wireless P2P network functionality, fast service distribution and proactive actions." The BlueTalk P2P Starter Kit is the first product in a series, embracing various aspects of P2P computing on handheld devices. BlueTalk will be demonstrated at Comdex in Las Vegas, 12-16 November, together with Samsung Electro-Mechanics, booth LC 102. "Our mission is to supply a reliable toolkit enabling development of wireless ad-hoc P2P solutions," says Christer Rindebratt, Chief Executive Officer, at Pocit Labs. "The BlueTalk P2P Starter Kit will facilitate the development of powerful P2P solutions for Bluetooth equipped handheld devices", Mr. Rindebratt concludes. About Pocit Labs Pocit Labs is a Scandinavian software development company that is pioneering a dramatic transformation in the way people communicate using wireless technology. Pocit Labs envisages a world in which billions of devices communicate in ad hoc wireless networks. These networks enable users to communicate easily with other users and electronic services in their vicinity. Pocit Labs' mission is to become the leading supplier of wireless products for these networks, implementing intelligent handheld clients. Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, and with local representation in San Francisco, Pocit Labs cooperates with leading companies in the wireless industry. About BlueTalk BlueTalk is the world's first peer-to-peer (P2P) solution for handheld devices based on the Bluetooth standard. BlueTalk provides the means for developing an entirely new generation of applications that utilizes the benefits of local, ad hoc networking. BlueTalk received the prestigious prize for "Most Innovative Use of the Bluetooth Technology in a Product or Application" at the Bluetoothtm Congress 2001, June 5-8. About Samsung Electro-Mechanics Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a Korean company with core digital technology, best quality and world-class management. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a pioneer in the digital world. As an integrated electronic parts and components company, it promises to remain in the vanguard of the digital era with the creativity, entrepreneurship, and drive of a new start-up for partners and customers. Samsung Electro-Mechanics keeps challenging and developing new technology like wireless technology. Samsung Electro-Mechanics has global network of manufacturing plants, R &D centers, and sales subsidiaries and offices that covers Europe, the Americas, Japan, China and Southeast Asia. By 2005, Samsung Electro- Mechanics will add three more plants to present 7-country, 8-plant manufacturing network and thirteen more offices to present 21-country, 32-office sales network. For further information contact: Christer Rindebratt, Chief Executive Officer, Pocit Labs, mail: christer.rindebratt@pocitlabs.com, phone: +46(0)18 65 62 01 Tony Grass VP Sales and relations, Pocit Labs, mail: tony.grass@pocitlabs.com, phone: +46(0)18 65 62 03 Anna Engholm VP Product marketing, Pocit Labs, mail: anna.engholm@pocitlabs.com, phone: +46(0)18 65 62 04 TM The BLUETOOTH trademarks are owned by the Bluetooth SIG Inc TM The BlueTalk trademark is owned by Pocit Labs, Sweden. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/08/20011107BIT01120/bit0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/11/08/20011107BIT01120/bit0001.pdf