Policy Store Top 5 Weekly Insurance Picks!


Dallas, TX, March 31, 2012--Every week our team spends hundreds of hours online looking for ways to save our clients and friends money. Each week we put together the top 5 sites that we believe will help you save time, energy and money.

#1) MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLANS: Joppel - A decision support tool for Medicare. This website is designed for Medicare beneficiaries, seniors and caregivers and is the Medicare division of HealthCompare Insurance Services Inc. Joppel provides a wealth of information, offers expert guidance from licensed agents, and utilizes a consumer-friendly on-line tool for those eligible for Medicare supplement plan comparison. If you or a loved one is about to become eligible for Medicare, you should visit the Joppel site today.

#2) CONDO INSURANCE: UnitrinDirect.com offers a great condo policy, and in many cases if you are an auto insurance client you will save with their multi-policy discount. Many times this discount is so large, it practically covers the cost of your condo insurance, making it virtually free.

#3 STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE: StudentPolicy.com specializes in student health and auto insurance. Many students do not realize how important student health insurance is and in many cases think they are covered automatically by their parents plan. With the new healthcare laws, that might be true but the additional cost on your parent’s group plan can be 2 to 3 times that of a individual plan offered by any of the health insurance companies in the US that cover students.

#4: TEMPORARY HEALTH INSURANCE: Uniquoter.com - If you are between jobs like millions of Americans, a temporary health insurance plan may give you the coverage you need at a fraction of the cost until you get on your next group plan. With plans that go from six to twelve months, these temporary plans are a great fit. It is a bad idea to go without any coverage, even for a day.

#5 AUTOMOTIVE INSURANCE: Automotive insurance is one of the largest expenses in most families’ insurance monthly budget. Automotivetry.com offers a list of the top providers in your area, and recommends that you shop your rates every 6 months. Another tip is to ensure you get all the discounts you deserve including good grades, multi-policy, driver education and more.

As always buyer beware. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Next week look for our reviews on Home Owners Insurance and related products designed to save you money.

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