poLight ASA: Minutes of Annual General Meeting

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On May 28th 2019, the Annual General meeting was held in poLight ASA. All resolutions were adopted in accordance with the Board's proposal and the Nomination Committee's recommendation. poLight ASA - Minutes Ordinary General Meeting 2019

Further information from:

Øyvind Isaksen, CEO, poLight ASA: +47 90 87 63 98

Alf Henning Bekkevik, CFO, poLight ASA: +47 91 63 05 14

About poLight ASA

poLight has developed a new autofocus lens which "replicates" the human eye for use in mobile devices and other applications with integrated cameras. poLight's TLens® is ready for introduction in the smartphone camera module market, offering considerable benefits such as extremely fast focus, compact xy -dimension (i.e. small footprint), no magnetic interference, low power consumption and constant field of view. poLight is based in Horten, Norway, with offices in Finland, France and China and representation in Taiwan and Korea. For more information, please visit https://www.polight.com