PMA FRESH SUMMIT 2013, October 18-20

Polymer Logistics gets set for PMA Fresh Summit 2013

Riverside, CA - 30th September 2013 - A leading provider of retail ready (RRP) products, Polymer Logistics, will use the PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana to showcase the improved look Rattan Style Container and the company’s new RPC’s with transparent walls. Since 1994 Polymer Logistics has been helping retailers worldwide simplify supply chain management by offering them precisely what they need in terms of logistics services and display products - from the factory to the retail floor. Customers are encouraged to stop by booth 4224, where Polymer visitors will be able to find out more about the two latest product highlights as well as a wide variety of other solutions. All of Polymer’s products have been developed as a direct response to the issues their customers are facing, mainly in terms of cost savings, transport limitation and display visibility.

Of particular note at this year’s show is the Rattan Style Container which is already undergoing many field tests with some of Americas leading retailers. Designed to look like a box made from rattan or cane, this product is targeted to enhance shopper marketing, giving a “country fresh feel” in the aisles, which in turn will enhance shopper experience and ultimately increase in store sales. The improved look of the RPC’s can be used in-store for a wide variety of categories, including produce and bakery. They offer all the advantages of a regular RPC including an ‘Active Lock’ system which secures the containers when erected.  The system also allows panels to fold easily and quietly when the lock is released. It is foldable and stackable to maximize truck and store space, and is lightweight for easy handling.

Alongside the Rattan Style Container, the other highlight from Polymer Logistics and displayed at the exhibition will be RPC’s featuring transparent walls. The RPC series from Polymer Logistics have represented for a long time a valuable alternative to traditional packaging solutions for many of its customers enabling them to operate their businesses more efficiently, economically and therefore more profitably.

Compared to disposable materials, for example, the robust plastic construction not only guarantees a longer life of the crates, but reduces product damage. Moreover the RPC family offers an optimized solution for the direct dispatch of merchandise from the producer to the retail outlet which in turn provides considerable cost savings. In response to an ongoing dialogue with its customers, Polymer has decided to implement the series with another key feature: the addition of some crystal clear walls. The RPC range with crystal clear walls can be put straight on to the shop floor, ensuring maximum product availability which in turn helps to boost sales. Also, in terms of in-store shopper experience, the implemented range is aesthetically appealing and displays the product offering clearly to the consumer. The new feature is beneficial also in terms of reducing replenishment time. Thanks to the transparent walls, the staff can easily spot at the back of the store the product needed and replace the empty craters with the new fully stocked and ‘retail ready’ ones.

The Rattan Style Containers and RPC’s with crystal clear walls are among a variety of products that will be displayed by Polymer Logistics at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit. The extensive list of products includes RPCs, bins, crates, dollies and pallets all of which represent across the board innovation in all retail categories and are a direct example of Polymer Logistics’ focus on innovation that will make a real difference in the market place.


Notes to editors

Polymer Logistics is a leading provider of ‘One-Touch/Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)’ solutions. Since 1994, it has been helping retailers worldwide simplify supply chain management by offering them precisely what they need in terms of logistics services and display products - from the factory to the retail floor.

The strength of the brand comes from the Company’s consistent track record in helping clients cut overall costs by up to 60% while simultaneously increasing in-store product availability. Add to that an innovative and flexible approach, expertise in materials handling and logistics management, and a focused commitment to superb service.

Polymer Logistics numbers 17 service centres and wash sites with dedicated local teams in the USA and Europe.

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