Municipalities give thumbs-up to ePostboxen

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Municipalities give thumbs-up to ePostboxen Many of Sweden's local governments have given the thumbs-up to Posten's electronic infrastructure - ePostboxen. Residents will now have the choice of receiving bills and bulk mailings from municipalities either electronically or by regular postal mail. - Offering residents a choice between receiving daycare bills and bulk mailings either electronically or by regular postal mail enables municipalities to raise the level of service. Down the road, these local governments wil l also enjoy pared distribution costs, says Margareta Chowra, product manager for ePostboxen, Posten. As of this writing, the ePostboxen delivery option will be available to residents in the following areas: Arvidsjaur, Bollnäs, Eksjö, Gislaved, Gällivare, Habo, Hudiksvall, Hultsfred, Högsby, Kramfors, Ljusdal, Norrköping, Nässjö, Ovanåker, Pajala, Sollefteå, Tranås, Uppsala, Vaggeryd, Vilhelmina, Vindeln, and Östersund. - I'm thrilled so many local governments have taken this step and want to explore new avenues of communicating with residents. One advantage of ePostboxen is global access. Users can view the contents of their mailbox from any computer with an Internet connection. ePostboxen also makes it much easier to organize and keep track of mail ranging from pay slips and bills to municipal information, says Margareta Chowra. Launched in early 2002, ePostboxen works like an ordinary mailbox for ordinary mail. The difference is that mail is delivered electronically. ePostboxen is free to private citizens and costs are borne by the sender, just like traditional mail. Users have the choice of receiving mail from public and private sector organizations either electronically in their ePostboxen or by regular postal mail. Please direct questions to: Posten's Press Service,, tel: +46 (0)8- 23 10 10 Posten brings people together by delivering correspondence and merchandise promptly, reliably, securely, and cost-effectively. We create added value by combining traditional postal services with electronic Posten solutions, which can be integrated into our customers' businesses. Put simply, we are experts at everything between "From and To." Our primary market area encompasses the Nordic and Baltic regions. With over 3,000 service outlets, we provide daily service to 4.1 million households and 500,000 businesses. Every day we handle close to 20 million pieces of mail. With sales of approximately SEK 24.5 billion and roughly 40,000 employees, the group is one of the largest in Sweden. The group's parent, Posten AB (publ), is wholly owned by the Swedish state. For more information, please visit our Web site at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: