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On October 25th, the inaugural edition of the new gastronomic festival Stars du Nord will launch in Stockholm, gathering some of the most progressive Michelin chefs, winemakers and food tech companies from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. The purpose of the festival is to promote the Nordic food concept worldwide.

Stars du Nord is an annual gastronomic festival that will be held each year in a Nordic country. Sweden’s capital will be the global hub for culinary innovation, hosting the Nordic countries’ most-esteemed star chefs, winemakers and food tech companies. For three days, they will join forces to promote conscious cooking and the Nordic food concept as a sustainable force in the culinary world.

We all need to take responsibility and contribute toward a better and more sustainable future. Respecting local produce and pursuing a “logical” gastronomy has been a fundamental part of Gastrologik's philosophy since its inception ten years ago. An initiative like Stars du Nord is warmly welcomed. It’s of the utmost importance that we in the Nordic region stand united to ensure that our internationally recognized gastronomy can and will be made with respect for the future, says Anton Bhjur, star chef at Gastrologik.

From October 25-27th, Stars du Nord will host digital think tanks, master classes, test labs and pop-up podcasts with well-known food influencers, chefs, food tech entrepreneurs and Nordic winemakers. The organizer of the festival is the Swedish fine dining agency Swede Concept. The purpose of the festival is to promote the Nordic food concept – highlighting sustainability and food waste – as well as providing national and international visibility to master chefs and winemakers.

– The pandemic has had devastating outcomes in every aspect of the restaurant world, but the time has come to move forward. We hope that Stars du Nord and the Nordic Michelin chefs will help advance the Nordic food concept and our conscious gastronomy and inspire sustainable growth on a global scale. The world is looking north for answers, let’s make sure we give them the right ones, says Caroline Thörnholm, founder and CEO of Swede Concept.

The inauguration and the two star-dinners will be held in secret locations in central Stockholm for invited guests, media, the restaurant business, and the general public. Stars du Nord’s chefs will then present the Nordic kitchen of the future together with avant-garde wines from the region. The detailed program with information about locations, chefs, experts and sponsors will be released regularly until the launch of the festival.

For the latest news and updates about Stars du Nord, follow the Instagram account @starsdunord

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