In line with its commitment to offering complete solutions to any structural waterproofing or gas protection need, Visqueen Building Products has launched a new, high–performance jointing tape. VisqueenPro Single Sided Jointing Tape replaces Visqueen Girth Jointing Tape and employs a number of advanced features to deliver more than twice the performance of other similar products.

“Jointing can be a problematic area when it comes to gas and water protection membranes” explains Cameron Yates, Product Manager at Visqueen Building Products. “Any join can be a weak link in an otherwise robust system and our new Single Sided Jointing Tape has been developed to tackle that head on.

“Created in line with our focus on offering complete solutions, it benefits from a cross woven, glass fibre reinforced construction. This ensures exceptional tear resistance. It also utilises an ultra-high tack rubber adhesive which gives it twice the adhesive strength of other jointing tapes currently on the market.”

The new tape, which has been independently tested for peel and adhesion, can be used for sealing lap joints as well as for junctions with internal and external walls. It is suitable for use with all of Visqueen’s DPMs and Radon gas barriers and when installed in-line with the manufacturer’s guidance forms part of a BBA approved system.

Visqueen hopes that the new tape will give installers and specifiers complete peace of mind that by utilising a full Visqueen system, their project will be properly sealed against the damaging effects of damp and radon gas ingression through the floors.

As with all Visqueen products, the new jointing tape also comes backed by the manufacturer’s steadfast commitment to superior service and support. This includes access to a nationwide network of Technical Support Managers, to CPD certified seminars on the latest building regulations and to invaluable resources such as a comprehensive Specifier’s Guide which makes it easier than ever to specify the right product for a given project.

Summing up, Cameron Yates adds: “Visqueen Building Products may be one of the most established and largest suppliers of gas protection and structural waterproofing solutions in Europe, but that doesn’t stop us looking for new opportunities to enhance our range and to add value to our customers.

“VisqueenPro Single Sided Jointing demonstrates that in the grand scheme of a damp or gas protection system it may seem like a small component but we’re confident it’s one that will make a huge difference.”

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Images & captions:   Jointing Tape 1.jpg: Delivering a complete solution. Visqueen Building Products has complemented its gas and water protection membranes with VisqueenPro Single Sided Jointing tape.

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Notes to Editors:

  • Visqueen Building Products is a division of British Polythene Industries, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of polythene film.
  • Through products created specifically for the construction industry, Visqueen Building Products offers a comprehensive array of solutions including damp proof courses, damp proof membranes, flame retardant films, gas protection systems, radon protection systems, storm water protection and vapour control layers.
  • Working closely with sister business, bpi.recycled products (the largest recycler of waste polythene in Europe), Visqueen Building Products has become a major force in the supply of sustainable products
  • Visqueen Building Products offers a variety of reprocessed plastic products including EcoMembrane®, the first damp proof membrane made from 100% recycled post-use waste, and Plaswood – a versatile range of plastic wood products stretching from street furniture to fencing.
  • As a result of its commitment to operating in a sustainable way and to minimising the environmental impact of all of its activities, BPI won the Best Green Large Company category at the 2010 Scottish Green Awards.




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