Prenax all set for global expansion

Prenax all set for global expansion Over the past year Prenax has set up companies in the United States as well as in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. All these companies are now up and running. Focusing on the task of making them profitable as soon as possible, Prenax has developed a new organization and appointed a manager for each subsidiary. The Prenax group consists of Prenax Global and its subsidiaries in France, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US. Prenax provides an outsourcing service for subscription management, integrating excellent customer relations with user-friendly web tools. The company was founded in Sweden in 1993 and has grown rapidly ever since. "Today, Prenax is one of Sweden's market leaders in subscription management. I'm confident that we're going to achieve the same position in our new markets," says Rutger Vannerus, CEO of Prenax Global. Experience shows that companies often have difficulty administering their subscriptions. This is a time-consuming task and the invoicing procedure is expensive. Prenax provides total overview and cost control over subscriptions. Customers need only contact Prenax when wishing to order any national or international newspaper or magazine. Prenax also provides consolidated invoicing in the local currency. In addition, Prenax is now launching a state-of-the-art web-based subscription management system, helping clients to manage their subscriptions and perform their day-to-day tasks. Management Having established itself in new markets, Prenax is now organising its business with an eye to successful and profitable operations on all fronts. Experienced personnel have been recruited and Prenax Global has built up a central support organisation. Today Prenax has a total of 90 employees. Prenax Global President and CEO of the parent company is Rutger Vannerus. He is also Country Manager of Prenax USA, located in San Francisco. Rutger Vannerus founded Prenax together with his brother Jerker Vannerus in 1993. He has a sales and marketing background from IBM. Chief Operations Officer is Göran Martinsson. Before joining Prenax Göran Martinsson was Managing Director of the Swedish company Stille-Reison and of Lux in Brunei and Shanghai. Chief Financial Officer is Joakim Lagerman, previously CFO for the Nordic countries at the Dutch company Origin. Director for Publisher Relations is Zuzana Helinsky, who has been recruited to Prenax after 21 years at the Swedish Library Service Ltd (BTJ), where she built up and headed their subscription management operation. Zuzana Helinsky's wide experience in this sector is of great value to Prenax with the company's entry into new markets. CIO is Jerker Vannerus, co-founder of Prenax. Director of New Business is Johan Wennborg, previously Country Manager of Prenax Sweden. His tasks will include developing Prenax' services and alliances. Director of Corporate Communications is Thomasine Hindmarsh, previously Head of the EU Information Services at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The subsidiaries In Prenax Sweden, Jacob Laurin is taking over as Country Manager. Previously, he was in charge of setting up Prenax in France, Germany and the UK and before that held the position of Managing Director for Swedish Radio Energy and for Lux in Brunei and Singapore. In Prenax Germany, Andreas Siemoneit has been appointed Country Manager. He comes from Comfort Card, a subsidiary of the National Westminster Bank, where he was head of sales for Germany and Austria with a turnover of around DM 500 million. For several years before that, Andreas Siemoneit was in charge of the Key Account Management operation at Barclaycard. In Prenax UK, the post of Country Manager is held by Robbie Frazer, who was consultant to some of the largest companies in the UK before joining Prenax. He specialised in management development and sales. Prior to this, he was Managing Director of an international financial services group based in Asia and spanning seven countries. For much of the past 10 years Robbie Frazer has been helping manage start-up companies. The post of Country Manager in Prenax France will be filled as soon as possible. In the meantime Jacob Laurin will continue to head the French operation. "We're now aiming to make all subsidiaries profitable. Prenax has been doing well in Sweden and after just a couple of months we're already invoicing customers on our new markets. Although I was convinced we were doing the right thing by venturing out into other parts of the world, it's very satisfying indeed to see how the Prenax concept immediately attracts customers in new and bigger markets as well," says Rutger Vannerus. For further information, please visit us at or contact: Rutger Vannerus CEO and President, Prenax Global AB Phone: +1-415-354-4001 or mobile +1-415-902-4101 Thomasine Hindmarsh Director of Corporate Communications, Prenax Global AB Phone: +46-8-564 102 09 or mobile +46-70-43 102 09 The Prenax group consists of the parent company Prenax Global and its wholly owned subsidiaries in France, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. Prenax provides an outsourcing service for subscription management, integrating excellent customer relations with user-friendly web-tools. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: