Addressing the real financial costs of a medical diagnosis ...

Addressing the real financial costs of a medical diagnosis for over 6 million UK residents... Fees for medical attention, drugs and convalescence are readily recognised as the financial element of undergoing medical treatment, but these are either covered by the NHS or by private medical insurance. For many the real financial costs don't start to add up until news of the condition reaches the unforgiving world of the actuaries and risk assessors in the capital fortresses of the financial services industry. When you start to put your life back together and need to renew or take out any of the everyday financial products or services that you previously took for granted you are often thwarted. In their rush to increase market share and make their offer more competitive, financial services companies have excluded an increasing number of people from the mainstream by reason of their medical history. This market is now believed to be in excess of 6m people (over 10% of the population), a number based on figures from the UK's National Strategy for Carers prepared by The Department of Health. Terrablu Ltd, a company formed by Sussex businessman Richard Gould, has been set up to provide a route map for people whose financial plans have been turned upside down by their medical crisis. "As a family we have found it very labourious to work out where and how we could access the financial products that have been developed for people with special medical needs," comments Richard Gould. "Good plans really exist, however if you can find them, your relief is tempered by the sudden realisation that the lack of a working marketplace means that it is impossible to judge the value of the plan you are being offered until you can get a comparative quote. And, before that, your search starts all over again..." Financial Services Providers are out of touch... Gould has observed that complacency amongst financial services providers has lead to frustration for the considerable numbers of people dealing with the onset of a medical condition - and, it does not make good business sense either. The drive to standardise the underwriting process has lead to providers losing touch with significant sectors of their customer base, many of whom recognise their situation and are minded and able to pay for the special services they require. The inability to procure life insurance for a house move, or to provide protection for your family by way of critical illness or income protection, or an annuity that has not been adjusted to reflect your circumstances - soon add up to create a significant financial impact. The loss of the travel insurance inhibiting convalescence or a family holiday overseas can also be much more than a minor inconvenience. Terrablu Ltd is committing considerable investment and effort to changing the status quo and creating a tailored service for these groups. § A team of experts has been assembled and appointed to provide these services, § a marketing campaign has been launched to promote this activity, § a web site creates a library of links to information as well as providing access to qualified advisors focussed on delivering financial solutions for people or families as they deal with the implications of a medical condition. § A nursing, caring and complementary therapy service has been established in Kent and Sussex. On the financial side, the brokers, all IFA's, give free advice to clients and provide the best deals available. They have gone out of their way to find, prepare and package these products and are prepared to take on the underwriting giants and buy the plans on the basis of the value for money they provide. "We are the first company to provide a quick and easy service," comments Richard Gould. "We will help people through these issues. We give our customers control over and involvement in a process that took me many months of trial and error to uncover. Whatever their medical circumstances, Terrablu through its specialist providers will help people obtain a financial solution that meets their particular needs at the best value." Domiciliary Care The Terrablu service is not restricted to financial products and legal advice only, in the company's immediate catchment area of Kent and Sussex they are also providing a bespoke, domiciliary care service. This has been devised for customers who, on finding the offering of the local NHS services stretched and restrictive, elect to use a private nursing, caring and complementary care service instead. In true Terrablu fashion, it provides a free, comprehensive care assessment that helps the Terrablu team and the family to develop a care package that makes practical improvements to their caring regime and their way of life. Further information on nursing and care services can be obtained from Terrablu on 01825 830 875. The Terrablu travel insurance hot line is 0870 777 95 48. Financial and legal services can be obtained on 01825 830 423. Ends 815 Words Notes for editors: TerraBlu Ltd has been elected a member of the UK Homecarers Association. TerraBlu Ltd is licensed by East Sussex County Council for the provision of Nursing Care. For further information please contact: David Smith at The Publicity Corporation on 01892 616262 Richard Gould at TerraBlu Ltd on 01825 830423. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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