Broaden your horizons by investing internationally

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BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS BY INVESTING INTERNATIONALLY · For a FREE Fidelity guide to international investing please call 0800 41 41 61 London, 12 August 2002 - For those investors who want to broaden their horizons beyond the UK market but are unsure how to start, Fidelity Investments has produced a free guide to investing internationally. The guide explains how constructing an international portfolio can help investors lessen the effects of individual market volatility by spreading their risk across the world's markets, with access to a wide range of countries, companies, and industries. Depending on an investor's appetite for risk, the guide describes the different types of international funds on offer - from sector funds (which invest in sectors such as technology and healthcare) and individual country funds, to regional funds (such as a Latin America or South East Asia fund) and global funds that invest in companies throughout the world. A sensible spread of investments across the globe is generally considered to be good practice for investors who want to see equity growth over the long term, but who also want to maintain lower overall risk by diversifying their portfolio. In addition, Fidelity's guide includes a chart on how to build an international portfolio to help investors decide where and how to invest. Paul Kafka, Executive Director at Fidelity Investments, commented: "Investors can invest anywhere in the world within their ISA and could reap the benefits of having a globally-diversified portfolio by considering international investment funds. One option is to choose a global fund whereby the portfolio manager makes all the tough decisions on an investor's behalf about which countries and companies to invest in across the globe. When some markets are performing strongly, others may not be performing too well, so being invested in a global fund can even out individual market volatility and provide the investor with a good overall return." For example, £50 invested every month in Fidelity's MoneyBuilder Global fund from March 1988 to July 2002 would have grown to £20,619, compared to £17,801 for an average European (excluding UK) fund, or £14,731 for an average UK fund over the same period. Fidelity's entire range of MoneyBuilder funds have no initial charge. For a copy of Fidelity's FREE guide to international investing call 0800 41 41 61 Fidelity International Limited, which trades under the name Fidelity Investments, serves the major markets of the world by providing investment products and services to individuals and institutional investors outside the US. Together with FMR Corp of Boston, USA, Fidelity is the largest independent fund management organisation in the world, with US$921.1bn of assets under management*. - ENDS - * Assets as at 30/6/02 include those of FMR Corp, a US company and affiliate and its subsidiaries For further information, please contact: Jo Roddan/Niki Bolton/Helen Hughes Lindsay Vetch/Alison Cort/Lisa Stanley Fidelity Investments Lansons Communications Tel: 01737 837 848/847/846 Tel: 0207 490 8828 For up-to-date and archived press releases please visit Fidelity's MEDIA CENTRE at or visit CB12582 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: