Dmatek Acquires Global Licence to Remote Alcohol Monitoring Patents

Dmatek Acquires Global Licence to Remote Alcohol Monitoring Patents Adds Remote Alcohol Monitoring to its European Product Offering Dmatek Ltd., the London listed provider of leading electronic monitoring technologies, today announces the conclusion of an agreement to license a series of patents, which will allow the company to develop, manufacture and sell remote monitoring devices for testing levels of alcohol within an individuals' blood stream. The patents are registered in the US, UK, Europe and elsewhere and the licence effectively gives Dmatek the rights to use this technology on a world-wide basis. The licensing of these patents complements the agreement announced earlier this year, for the exclusive US distribution rights for the MEMS 2000 alcohol monitoring systems from Mitsubishi Electric & Electronic USA. The global patent licensing will enable Dmatek's subsidiary Elmo-Tech to offer alcohol-monitoring system to its European client base. ElmoTech technology and field units are currently used in programs and trials of various scopes in 11 European countries. With this new technology, ElmoTech aims to benefit from proposals put forward in a European action plan for 2000-2005 "to provide long-term treatment alternatives to a custodial sentence for offenders with chronic alcohol dependency problems". Alcohol monitoring unit sales in the US in 2002 are expected to generate some US$3 million of revenues. Remote alcohol monitoring devices measure the level of alcohol in the tested individual's breath, in a similar way to portable systems used by police patrol officers. The identity of the individual, who takes the test unsupervised, is verified using a built in camera providing real- time photograph of the person taking the test. The results are then transferred to monitoring centre officers, confirming the individual's compliance with their program. The alcohol monitoring system can be utilised as an independent measure, or in combination with a restrictive home detention schedule. Dmatek's CEO, Yoav Reisman said, "This development is part of Dmatek's strategy to develop along the two main axes of our established business model - to broaden our access to complimentary monitoring technologies, whilst expanding geographically into new markets. There is growing demand for this type of product and we aim to take full advantage of this and other new technologies as they emerge, allowing our customers to enhance supervision whilst reducing operational costs. " ABOUT DMATEK Dmatek (LSE:DTK.L) is a leading provider of electronic monitoring technologies, specializing in human-related applications. Dmatek's technological platform is based on a unique system architecture and operating methodology, which can be implemented in many different commercial sectors. Current applications of the company's core technology are marketed by Dmatek's wholly owned subsidiaries -- Elmo-Tech Ltd., which addresses the global law enforcement field and HomeFree Systems, which operates in the emerging Telehomecare market and currently focuses on Alzheimer's patients. Dmatek's systems are used by private operators and government agencies in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and across Europe, in Sweden, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Andorra. ABOUT EUROCARE ACTION PLAN Eurocare - Advocacy for the Prevention of Alcohol Related Harm in Europe, an alliance of agencies set up to tackle problems associated with alcohol use at a European Level. The cited 2000-2005 action plan was prepared through consultation and support of counterparts in the Member States. Media & Investor Enquiries: Idit Mor, IRO + 972 54 990419 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: