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Eat Your Way To The Top To achieve in business, eat hazelnuts, according to London's leading independent contract caterer, The Eaton Group. The company is launching a range of recipes, entitled Zest For Life, which includes ingredients that specifically aid the skills you need to succeed in business, for example negotiation, concentration and diplomacy. The selection of 30 recipes has been specially formulated by Eaton executive chef Chris Towler, together with leading complementary medicine practitioner, Michael van Straten. The dishes encourage people to eat healthier food at the workplace and improve their business acumen as a result. For example, the Salmon Fillet with Hazelnuts recipe contains a mixture of high protein to stimulate brain function, and slow-release carbohydrates, which ensures your concentration doesn't flag in the graveyard hour after lunch. Furthermore, the recipe's nutmeg provides you with a greater degree of calm in stressful situations as it is a mild hallucinogen, which makes you feel happy. Michael van Straten states: "This is the first time anyone has actually gone that extra step in developing healthy and nutritional meals by looking at the exact benefits of each ingredient and their effect on people's lifestyles. This ground-breaking initiative makes vital nutritional information available where it has never been before - where people eat." It is unclear whether the recipes will guarantee a speedy economic recovery as a result, although Eaton's managing director Alan Walker remains upbeat: "With the average lunch hour now reduced to 27 minutes, we want to make sure diners are aware they are getting nutritious meals, that taste good and are better for you than a sandwich from the high street." Those who need to appear confident and alert for presentations or conferences should choose cabbage as one of their ingredients. Take the Bacon Chop with Colcannon recipe, for example, which has been designed with those people in mind. The bacon stimulates the brain with all the protein, while the carbohydrates from the potatoes give the body energy. Most importantly however, the iodine in the cabbage stimulates the thyroid gland spurring you into action, giving you lots of confidence. All 30 recipes cover five different categories - Healthy Heart, Detox, Immune Boost, High Energy and Stress Buster - all highly relevant to today's business workers. The scheme is being piloted at City law firm Withers in its staff restaurant run by the Eaton Group, and also at the National Audit Office's Eaton-run site. If it proves successful, Zest For Life will be introduced throughout all the Group's staff restaurants. The Eaton Group has been creating and serving meals for business and industry clients since its creation in 1984. The company has developed a number of innovative concepts and now offers three main operations: Café Marché - a staff restaurant concept with a real 'feel good' factor; Eaton Fine Dining - a personalised and private fine dining service; and Eaton Fine Dining Direct - a radical approach, unique to Eaton, with exceptional fine dining produce prepared off-site and delivered direct to remote locations. INTERVIEWS: We can arrange these with: - Chris Towler from Eaton - Michael van Straten from The Healthy Forum - the employee relations manager at the pilot site - employees themeselves For further information: David Paice/ Neil Beston Barclay Stratton Tel: 020 8877 8600 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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