Magnets change ex rally champions life

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Magnets change ex rally champions life Pentti Airikkala, the former British, Finnish and Nordic Rally Champion who won the British RAC Rally in 1989 says that his Bioflow magnetic wristband, a product of Ecoflow Ltd, has changed his life after a decade of severe back pains. He still spends a great deal of time in a rally car as he runs a school coaching rally drivers and teaching the successful but very difficult left foot braking technique. He has taught this skill to many current Formula 1 drivers. Pentti broke his back whilst rallying in New Zealand in the 1980's and has suffered pains since. "What changed my life" says Pentti "was starting to wear a magnetic Bioflow wristband. I am not a person who normally believes in these sort of things, but I had heard of this Bioflow wristband and thought that I would give it a go." "This was at Donington Park in July and within hours I began to feel the difference. The mistake that I made a couple of weeks later was that I left it off for 10 hours and the pain returned. I learned my lesson and now only take it off to have a bath!" "Of course, my back pain is still there but is greatly reduced so that I can now stand for more than two hours and all the other pain in my joints has absolutely gone. I now have flexibility, for example, I was testing a car yesterday which was made for a small guy and I had no trouble getting in or out. In recent years I could not have done that without a lot of pain and trouble". "I would recommend the Bioflow wristband to anyone." comments Pentti and, he jokes, "These days you get mugged for your mobile phone or credit cards. I would happily give them those, and my watch and money as long as they do not take the wristband. It means so much to me. It really has changed my life!" Pentti Airikkala was supplied with his wristband by Ecoflow Independent Distributor Jan Moody of Bredicot, Worcester who had met him previously. She remarks, "I thought that Pentti was just the sort of person who would benefit from the wristband. I am constantly getting encouraging comments from people who use the products and it is pleasing to hear that Pentti has also had such good results. In fact he has also bought several more for his friends and family and he thinks that every rally driver should wear one". For further information telephone : Jan Moody - 01905 345240 Simon Bloodworth - 01752 841144 Notes to Editors Ecoflow is a British company based in Saltash, Cornwall and specialises in developing and producing magnetic products for use in natural health, the environment and safety. It sells directly to the public through a network of Independent Distributors. In recent years Ecoflow has twice featured in The Sunday Times and Virgin Awards for the 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies. In 2002 it was listed in the BT Vision 100 award for Visionary Organisations. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: