Meridica and Sartorius announce co-marketing agreement for Xcelodose

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Meridica and Sartorius announce co-marketing agreement for Xcelodose(TM) Meridica Ltd., a leading drug delivery technology company, today announced a co-marketing agreement with the UK division of Sartorius, one of the world's premier manufacturers and suppliers of precision balances and weighing systems. The agreement will take the form of a number of joint promotional activities throughout 2002 and beyond. The agreement covers Xcelodose(TM), Meridica's new precision micro- dosing system for filling capsules. The system, which was launched recently, utilises a novel gravimetric technology that enables pharmaceutical companies to weigh very small amounts of drug powder (100ug-100mg) into capsules or other solid dose containers as part of pre-clinical or early stage clinical trials within the pharmaceutical drug development process. Xcelodose(TM) incorporates a novel dispensing technology in conjunction with a software system, which controls the dosing from a dispensing head. Capsules may be filled at a rate of 600 capsules per hour with an accuracy of typically less than 2% Relative Standard Deviation. The combination of such speed and accuracy was previously thought to be impossible. A key component of the Xcelodose(TM) technology is a Sartorius precision microbalance that records the weight of each capsule to six decimal places, and checks the weight of each capsule constantly during the filling process. The precision required is programmed prior to the filling process. A predictive control algorithm has been developed that reduces fill cycle time to previously unobtainable levels. The predictive algorithm also enables the system to allow for material characteristics, and even compensates for variability in the flow characteristic of the drug powder in real time. The Xcelodose(TM) system eliminates the need to fill capsules manually. Also, through its ability to dispense precisely such small amounts of pure drug powder, it removes the need to blend the drug with excipients traditionally used to facilitate dispensing of the drug. The need to test such blends for stability and homogeneity is eliminated. The resulting advantage to pharmaceutical companies is significant in terms of savings in both resource and time. This reduction in development time delivers potentially faster time to market and increased sales revenues via extended time and opportunity following product launch. A typical increase in revenue may be as much as $1million per day for a major drug product. In addition to being available for demonstration at Meridica's laboratories near Cambridge, the Xcelodose(TM) system is currently being 'showcased' by Quintiles, one of the world's leading Contract Research Organisations, operating under GMP conditions at their Edinburgh, UK site. Both Meridica and Sartorius UK Ltd see synergies arising from their co- operation. David Edwards, Meridica's Director of Strategic Marketing said "Sartorius is well known and widely respected for the quality of their balances and the service and support they provide to the pharmaceutical industry. Meridica is proud to use Sartorius' balances within its Xcelodose(TM) system." Tom Richardson, UK Managing Director at Sartorius UK Ltd said "At Sartorius we are keen to develop working partnerships especially with high tech development companies like Meridica that provide innovative automated solutions in the pharmaceutical market sector. Emerging technologies such as Xcelodose(TM) form an increasingly important part of the market for micro-balances". -END- Contact: David Edwards, Director of Strategic Marketing Meridica Limited, Cambridge Technology Centre, Melbourn, Herts, SG8 6DQ, UK Tel +44 1763 261 600 Tony Kowalski, Product Manager for Laboratory Balances Sartorius Limited, Longmead Business Centre, Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 9QQ UK Tel + 44 1372 737102 Notes to editors: 1. Meridica is a PA Group company. Its vision is to become a leading source of creative drug delivery systems and drug products for the pharmaceutical industry, based on the excellence and quality of its products. Meridica's technologies will enable the full exploitation of the "biotechnological" advances made in the last decade, and build a position as a leading industry provider of cutting-edge solutions to drug delivery systems. 2. Sartorius is a clear market leader both in developing and manufacturing weighing technology, and headquartered in Goettingen, Germany. Originally established in 1870 the company has grown to its present size and now employs some 3700 people worldwide. The Sartorius Group is divided into three divisions, Mechatronics, Biotechnology and Environmental technology and is therefore represented in three of the most important technologies for the future. Mechatronics describes the Sartorius core competence as an innovative combination of high tech mechanical weighing systems with state of the art electronics. 3. PA Consulting Group is a leading management, systems and technology consulting firm, with a unique combination of these capabilities. Established almost 60 years ago, and operating worldwide from over 40 offices in more than 20 countries, PA draws on the knowledge and experience of around 4,000 people, whose skills span the initial generation of ideas and insights all the way through to detailed implementation. PA builds strategies for the creation and capture of shareholder and customer value, and helps clients accelerate business growth through innovation and the application of technology. PA works with clients to improve performance, mobilise human resources and deliver change effectively, including managing major projects, and designing and implementing enterprise-wide systems and full e-business solutions. PA focuses on creating benefits for clients rather than merely proposing them, and this focus is supported by an outstanding implementation track record in every major industry and for governments around the world. 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