National bread week 26th august-1st september 2002

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NATIONAL BREAD WEEK 26th AUGUST - 1st SEPTEMBER 2002 KINGSMILL HAS BROUGHT YOU SOME DELICIOUS SANDWICHES To celebrate National Bread Week, Kingsmill have put together some fun and quirky facts about bread to entertain your listeners. So if you've always wanted to know all you can about bread then just take a look below! And for every DJ who mentions Kingsmill's bread tips for Bread Week, Kingsmill will send them a FREE loaf of Kingsmill Gold! History ·The first leavened bread is believed to have been baked by the Ancient Egyptians in 3000 B.C. Facts ·60 percent of people around the world have just consumed bread in the last 24 hours. ·The longest loaf of bread measured on record is 2357 feet, in the USA. ·It would take 1.15 billion loaves of bread to stretch from the earth to the moon. ·The fastest "bun" in the West goes to a team of bakers from Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery who reclaimed the Guinness World Record in 1995. They harvested and milled wheat from the field and then mixed, scaled, shaped and baked a loaf in exactly eight minutes, 13 seconds. ·Murphy's Law dictates that buttered bread will always land buttered- side down. ·Breaking bread is a universal sign of peace. Myths and Legends ·A Scandinavian superstition says that if a boy and girl eat from the same loaf, they are bound to fall in love. ·Superstition says it is bad luck to turn a loaf of bread upside down or cut an unbaked loaf. ·Legend has it that whoever eats the last piece of bread is supposed to kiss the cook! ·Superstition says that if you put a piece of bread in a baby's cradle, it will keep away illness. ·In Britain, the ceremony of First Footing was traditionally observed in the early hours of New Year's Day. A piece of bread was left outside a door, with a piece of coal and a silver coin, to bring you food, warmth and riches in the year ahead. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: