New sports club web site aims to link former teammates and provide support for grass roots sport

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NEW SPORTS CLUB WEB SITE AIMS TO LINK FORMER TEAMMATES AND PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR GRASS ROOTS SPORT A major new sports web site, designed to reunite people who have played sport together, has been launched in Australia. The site will also offer a diverse range of services to sports clubs and organisations, while simultaneously raising much needed money for youth sport development. The site,, contains over 13,000 Australian sports clubs, teams and organisations covering everything from athletics to sub aqua, and provides the opportunity for people who have played sport together in the past to re-ignite their team spirit. Visitors to the site can initially sign on by simply providing their email address but, for a small annual registration fee, they can then have complete access to the club pages, databases and services of their choice and the opportunity to contact old buddies. 10% of every upgraded registration fee will then be donated to programmes to promote sport for young people. The organisation behind the idea, Teammates Online, was formed by three people all of whom come from sports development backgrounds. "Old sporting pals always have great memories," says Teammates Online director, Tony Mitchell. "Whether it's great successes or terrible defeats, there's nothing like reminiscing about the highs and lows of those memorable moments and keeping alive those special bonds between sports enthusiasts. Teammates Online/page 2 "But as important, the site also aims to raise money for the development of Youth Sport to enable and encourage more young people to take part. As part of this initiative we've approached sports governing bodies throughout Australia, asking them to support the site. After all, youth sport development is one of their main objectives and this is an excellent way of generating much needed revenue. In fact, it's like a beautiful "virtuous circle" of sporting brotherhood and sisterhood." Visitors to the site will be able to raise money for the sport of their choice. For instance, if you select Rugby Union and the state of your choice, your contribution goes towards the development of youth rugby in that part of Australia, and so on. There are also features where you can enter clubs or sports not already listed on the site, and use a range of message boards and other functions so that clubs can keep in touch with both existing and former members - as well as accessing a host of sport related information. "The idea is that people can build on the site by adding new clubs or even unusual sports that we haven't listed," continues Mr Mitchell. "The site is relevant to both existing club members, and those who've left but want to keep in touch - in fact, everyone is a winner." ENDS Further information from: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: