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New Technology to Ease Alzheimer's Care HomeFree Systems Telehomecare Solutions are Now Available in the UK; West London Trials of the Technology to Start Soon A new technology platform is now available in the UK, supporting Alzheimer's and dementia patients and their caregivers. HomeFree Systems products are wireless monitoring units, designed to alert caregivers when dementia patients leave pre-defined areas, which puts them at a risk of wandering. A system comprising of a watch style device, worn by the patient and a home or an institutional monitoring unit, alerts caregivers when the patients is at risk of wandering or attempts to remove the watch. The need for wandering control systems arises from a number of key factors - the ever increasing costs of long term care; shortage of hospital beds; and the desire of both families and patients to preserve their dignity and independence for as long as possible within their communities. Wandering is the most common implication of dementia, which causes severe disorientation. Alzheimer's disease is responsible for some 50% of the dementia cases. The rest of the dementia cases are attributed to various other neuro- degenerative illnesses. HomeFree product offering includes a home monitoring unit, providing essential support for families, who care for a dementia patient, in their own home. The systems enable families to keep their loved one at home, living relatively independently for longer periods. The home product comes as a stand-alone device, or can be supported by a remote monitoring center. The company's care centers product targets long term care, medical institutions and other facilities that engage in dementia patients housing, treatment and therapies. The systems offer a wireless solution, dividing premises into virtual zones, giving staff prompt alerts including patients ID, area or specific exit location, ensuring residents safety along with freedom of movement without disrupting the centers' routine. Dr Frank Miskelly, Consultant Physician at London's Charing Cross Hospital and Chairman of the New Technology Section British Geriatrics Society has successfully tested the HomeFree System on the wards at his hospital. In conjunction with Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham Social Services he is soon to commence a large study in West London using the equipment with elderly people living in local residential homes and at home in the community. Dr. Miskelly advises that numerous groups working with confused older people have expressed considerable interest in the research. HomeFree Systems Ltd. is a subsidiary of Dmatek Ltd., a London listed provider of leading electronic monitoring technologies. HomeFree systems will be distributed in the UK by Huntleigh Healthcare, a division of Huntleigh Technology PLC (LSE: HTL), a specialist in healthcare products and medical equipment. A spokesman from Huntleigh Healthcare said, "This project is an exciting part of the future for the company and complements our existing range of products which are a boon to people who are being cared for at home." HomeFree Systems CEO ,Guy Lerner commented: "We are happy to introduce HomeFree's unique caregiving solutions in the UK market. We look forward to supporting the community trials headed by Dr. Miskelly and trust Huntleigh Healthcare's demonstrated experience and proficiency in the medical market to give the best of service to our prospective client base" Media & Investor contact: Dmatek Ltd. Idit Mor + 972 54 990419 Notes to Editors: Alzheimer's & Dementia Prevalence & Costs in the UK The Health Policy Review published by Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London, estimates the UK annual costs related with Alzheimer's disease to be some £5,5 billion. British Journal of Psychiatry 1999 findings are that over a three-month period the total mean cost per patient with mild Alzheimer's was £6,616, £10,250 for a person with moderate Alzheimer's and £13,593 for a person with severe Alzheimer's disease in the UK. There are currently some 8 Million individuals of 70 years and older in the United Kingdom, 2 million of them over 85. This population is expected to double in the next decade. The dementia prevalence ratio amongst this age groups reaches as much as 50%. 95% of the elderly population prefer to be cared for at Home. The UK Alzheimer's society reports some 700,000 dementia patients in the UK. Alzheimer Europe organization estimates the European Dementia market is to include over 5.5 million sufferers between the ages of 30 and 99. ABOUT TELEHOMECARE Telehomecare is part of the broader field of Telemedicine, focusing on the use of telecommunication technology for the purpose of monitoring patients in their home environment, whilst remote from their caregivers. Telehomecare systems transmit various types of data between the patient in the home and caregiver/s or health care providers, typically using ordinary telephone lines. Telehomecare is a new strategy that can assist agencies and individuals in providing high-quality care at a lower cost with demonstrated benefits for patients, caregivers, home care agencies, and the entire health care system. ABOUT HomeFree Systems HomeFree Systems is a global provider of tlehomecare systems, focusing on dementia patient applications. HomeFree systems was established in 2000, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the London listed Dmatek, (LSE:DTK). HomeFree offers a pioneering product for monitoring patients in their home environment. An enhanced module, provides a multiple patients monitoring ability for various types of medial, community or residential care facilities. HomeFree installation base & cooperation endeavors with the medical community are continuously growing. ABOUT Huntleigh Huntleigh Healthcare is part of Huntleigh Technology, a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of healthcare products, medical equipment and hospital services. The group has a turnover of £170 m, employs 1,750 people world wide, and spent £5.4 m on research and development in 2001. ABOUT DMATEK Dmatek (LSE:DTK.L) is a leading provider of electronic monitoring technologies, specialising in human-related applications. Dmatek's technological platform is based on a unique system architecture and operating methodology, which can be implemented in many different commercial sectors. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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