Pc World survey links computer use to rising a-level grades

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PC WORLD SURVEY LINKS COMPUTER USE TO RISING A-LEVEL GRADES PC World, the UK's leading chain of computer superstores, today announced surprise findings suggesting that the rise in this year's A- Level results could be down to students making better use of personal computers. In a survey of school and university students, 'making the most of their computer resources' was rated higher than 'more reading', 'better attendance at lectures' and 'paying more attention in class' as the best way to raise grades. Only 'more revision' beat the PC for improving grades, according to those questioned. 300 Students ranked the following ways to improve grades: 1. More revision....................................................31% 2. Making the most of computer resources.........26% 3. Better attendance at lectures...........................19% 4. More reading....................................................15% 5. Better concentration in class..............................9% According to figures from the Joint Council for General Qualifications, A-Level pass rates this year were up to an unprecedented high of 94.3%. "More and more students use computers each year to help with their studies and this is proportional to the rising A-Level results," said Peter Keenan, marketing director at PC World. "It is not surprising that computers are playing a larger role in helping with academic study. Most students have access to a PC and the Internet is a good research tool." The PC World study is supported by similar claims by the government last year. Michael Willis, the Learning and Technology Minister at the time said: "Evidence exists of an important link between raising standards and good information and technology in secondary schools." Many of those questioned in the PC World survey narrowly missed out on getting better grades in certain subjects. In many cases, those that submitted hand-written course work thought they could have gained a vital one or two percent if work had been word-processed. "First impressions count and presentation is vitally important for all work, whether it's in education or business," adds Keenan. "Our advice is that if a PC can make a difference then it has got to be every student's must have study-aid." To help students returning to school / university / college at the end of the summer, PC World is offering special deals for a limited time. The 'Student Savers' deals offer discounts on PCs, printers, scanners, digital cameras, mobile phones and more. PC World also provides student discount cards, which provide on-going savings for students on a variety of products. Student Saver deals include a Packard Bell PC for lowest ever price of £499. Other deals include £400 off Packard Bell iGo 5461 laptop with printer and software, £350 saving on Packard Bell iMedia 5091 PC. About PC World PC World is the UK's largest chain of computer superstores with over 110 stores nation-wide. Stores offer more than 5,000 product lines including extensive ranges of PCs, printers, software, peripherals and accessories from all the major brands. A range of over 15,000 products is offered in the PC World Business catalogue with 20,000 available on the business web site. PC World also offers a range of web sites for customer support, information about new technologies, online purchase and advice on getting the most out of your PC: www.pcworld.co.uk www.pcservicecall.co.uk www.pcworldofcomputing.co.uk To locate your nearest PC World store call 08705 464 464. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/08/15/20020815BIT01090/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/08/15/20020815BIT01090/wkr0002.pdf