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Starhome offers Global Daylight Saving Alert to millions of roaming tourists This weekend, for the first time in history, international travellers around the world will receive a special Welcome SMS reminding them to put their clocks back. Starhome, a leader in global service provision for mobile operators, makes the global Welcome SMS possible. There's always the problem of millions of tourists abroad, who don't realise that they have to turn back the clocks - but this year it won't be the subscribers of the mobile operators which run Starhome services. The notification will be sent in the UK, Germany, Romania, Hungary, and more than 10 other countries across Europe. Starhome - the only roaming and content provider in the world with the global awareness and global perspective to offer this service - can identify incoming tourists, and give mobile operators the ability to alert users across the globe, in their own language, of the right time to turn back their clocks. "At Starhome, we believe in the 'Mobile Village' and in offering roaming services that are truly useful to users," said Eyal Rivlin, Starhome VP of Marketing. "The Daylight Saving Alert is an example of the global reach of our services plus the ability to individualise to users no matter what language they speak or time zone they're in." About Starhome: Starhome, the leading mobile applications service provider, develops, integrates and manages value added services for mobile operators. Starhome integrates its privately-managed IP network, multi-service platform and expertise in mobile networks to create a unique global service environment that empowers a rich portfolio of advanced roaming services, as well as specialised, best-of-breed services developed with Starhome's partners. More than 30 leading mobile operators worldwide - with access to 120 million users leverage Starhome's expertise to overcome the challenges of introducing new services, offering quick deployment with minimal technical and financial risks. Founded in 1999, Starhome is an affiliate of Comverse Technology, Inc., an S&P 500 and NASDAQ-100 Index company, a world leader in multimedia telecommunications applications. For additional information, visit Comverse Technology's web site at, Starhome's web site at and a special web site that caters to the needs of international travellers at Contact: Sandy Hammer Kristen Lazur PR Manager Harvard PR Starhome Tel: +44 020 7861 3800 Tel: + 41 1 380 6777 kristen.lazur@harvard ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: