Take something tasty to bed

TAKE SOMETHING TASTY TO BED Know that drunken, starved feeling when stumbling home after a long night out with the lads? You can't wait to get your gnashers into something tasty before you hit the sack but you don't want to spend ages preparing it - or regretting it in the morning! Now there's a perfect excuse to recapture a taste of your childhood, literally. The great bearded Captain Birds Eye is back, and his fish fingers are not just as tasty as ever, but better for you too. Made from 100% cod fillet, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and formulated to meet the Captain's strict guidelines on total fat, saturated fat and salt. - you know what you're getting with Captain Birds Eye - more than can be said for other late night munchies! So why not rustle up a good old Captain Birds Eye fish finger sandwich, just like mum used to make - ready to feast on in 15 minutes, straight from your freezer! As well as stocking up on the Captain's 100% Cod Fillet Fish Fingers, look out for the other great products in the Captain's range: Captain's Tuna Burgers, Captain's Beef Burgers, Captain's Vegetable Burgers and Captain's Potato Cheesies - now the Captain's got something to satisfy every late night craving. ENDS Notes to editors q Downloadable images and further information available from www.captainsisland.co.uk For further information, please contact: Katie Pratt 020 7344 1262 Tory Hobbs 020 7344 1242 Or email: thecaptain@captainsisland.co.uk The complete Captain Birds Eye range includes: · Captain's fish range: · 10 Captain's 100% Cod Fillet Fish Fingers (RSP £1.79) · 16 Captain's 100% Cod Fillet Fish Fingers (RSP £2.69) · 36 Captain's 100% Cod Fillet Fish Fingers (RRP £5.89) · 10 Captain's 100% Haddock Fillet Fish Fingers (RSP £1.89) · 10 Captain's 100% New Zealand Hoki Fillet Fish Fingers (RSP £1.49) · 8 Captain's 100% Fillet Fish Fingers in Crispy Batter (RRP £1.59) · 14 Captain's Minced White Fish Fingers (RSP £0.99) · 15 Captain's Coins - Mini Fish Cakes (RSP £1.09) · 4 Captain's Tuna Burgers (RSP £1.59) · Captain's chicken range: · 15 Captain's Chicken Dippers (RSP £1.69) · 30 Captain's Chicken Dippers (RSP £2.99) · 10 Captain's Chicksticks (RSP £1.49) · 4 Captain's Chicken Burgers (RSP £1.49) · 8 Captain's Chicken Burgers (RSP £2.49) · 10 Captain's Chicken O's (RSP £1.99) · Captain's beef range: · 4 Captain's Beef Burgers (RSP £1.19) · Captain's potato & vegetable range: · 6 Captain's Vegetable Burgers (RSP £0.99) · 10 Captain's Vegetable Fingers (£0.99) · Captain's Potato Cheesies (RSP £1.19) · Captain's Potato Alphabites (RSP £0.99) ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/06/27/20020627BIT01230/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/06/27/20020627BIT01230/wkr0002.pdf

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