Texaco launches RelayStar package delivery solution at service stations in the UK and Benelux

Texaco launches RelayStar package delivery solution at service stations in the UK and Benelux LONDON, June 10, 2002 -- In a first for European petrol retailing, Texaco has launched RelayStar, a new service which enables businesses and retailers to use its network of service stations for package pick up and return. Texaco, a subsidiary of ChevronTexaco Corp., has piloted the service in the UK and Benelux with key business partners including IBM, NCR and Sabre Supply Management. RelayStar will also work with major carriers including UPS, Securicor, ParcelForce and Vision to manage delivery. "The 'last mile' delivery of parcels is a major challenge for logistics departments, carriers, e-tailers and catalogue sales companies," said Philippe Brasseur, Texaco's general manager of RelayStar. "Texaco's RelayStar service addresses a genuine delivery need and provides a fast, convenient, technologically advanced and cost effective delivery solution." "Texaco service stations are ideal locations for pick up and drop off services because they offer extended opening hours, on-site parking, secure storage areas and easy access. Ultimately we expect RelayStar will help Texaco to grow its retail business because it increases traffic to our stores." RelayStar is the first logistics service of its kind for companies that need to regularly send spare parts to technicians and engineers in the field, offering a reliable and secure delivery solution. IBM has been trialling RelayStar with 105 customer engineers in the North London region since April. IBM engineers place orders for parts to be delivered to a nominated Texaco service station to be picked up the following day. Parts that need to be returned to the IBM warehouse can be dropped off at a participating service station where they will be directly transferred to IBM. Stuart Moore, Logistics Professional, IBM, said, "RelayStar is a key part of our strategy to help our engineers throughout the UK to increase customer calls from four to five each day. With RelayStar engineers spend less time travelling which makes their day more efficient, resulting in improved morale and satisfied customers." In addition to the logistics service for businesses, RelayStar can enable retailers to use Texaco service stations as collection points for customers who have ordered goods from the Internet or catalogues. RelayStar offers over-the-counter delivery that is backed up by a fully automated system, based on on-site scanning of package barcodes. RelayStar's advanced and exclusive technological solution can track package deliveries, send notifications when packages are ready to be picked up (via email, SMS or voicemail) and record the exact time and date of collection. This tracking system means both businesses and customers can check where a package is at any time, from the moment it leaves the warehouse until it is collected from a nominated service station. The system can show proof-of-delivery (including digitised signature) for the customer. The service is now available at 935 locations in the UK and 430 locations in Benelux. Further information and pictures are available upon request 10/6/02 Contacts: Jane Wharton, Texaco -- 44 207 719 4459 Cathryn Hunt, IBM -- 44 207 3654 www.relaystarpartner.com ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/06/10/20020610BIT00680/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/06/10/20020610BIT00680/wkr0002.pdf

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