University of Liverpool Announces Landmark 1000th Online Student

University of Liverpool Announces Landmark 1000th Online Student The University of Liverpool together with its eLearning partner K.I.T today announced the 1000th student to enrol on its innovative online MBA and MSc programmes, less than two years since their launch. Students from over 50 countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe, are now actively studying in one of the only truly international masters degree programmes. Over half of the students currently participating in the programmes are based outside of the UK. The MBA and MSc in technology programmes are taught entirely online and have attracted high levels of interest from busy professionals looking to combine work and study. Within the last year alone the number of students enrolling has doubled from one quarter to the next. Professor Drummond Bone, Vice Chancellor of The University of Liverpool, commented: "We have seen our online masters programmes really take-off in a very short space of time and firmly believe that they are among the most successful offered by any UK university. He continued: "There is tremendous demand from professionals for high- quality masters degrees with an international focus that can be completed without interrupting an individual's career path." The programmes have received praise from students for the quality of tuition offered and relevance of the content to their careers. An indication of their popularity is that 87% of current students would recommend the programme to a colleague¹. "I was attracted by the flexibility and quality of the online programmes offered by the University of Liverpool," said Ewen Campbell, a UK student on the MBA programme. "I've be considering working towards an MBA for some time, but knew that traditional campus-based study simply wasn't realistic given work and family commitments. With an online degree I can study wherever and whenever I want. I've been surprised at how easy I've found integrating study time into my schedule." It takes a great deal of discipline to complete a masters degree online, however students gain support from like-minded professionals also completing the programmes. Students are required to interact continuously with their fellow classmates, helping to provide a sense of community, and encouraging them to succeed in their studies. As classes consist of students from several different countries, there is the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with professionals from varying backgrounds from across the world. Ultimately and perhaps most importantly those who study for the online MBA or MSc will improve their knowledge and skills and enhance their career prospects. Surveys have shown that those who complete a managerial postgraduate qualification tend to experience a dramatic increase in income as a result. Shai Reshef, Chairman of K.I.T., the eLearning partner of the University said: "In today's increasingly uncertain world it has become critical for professionals to develop a wide range of skills and in-depth understanding of international business practices. The online MBA and MSc in information technology programmes offered by the University of Liverpool do exactly that." In addition, the programmes have a number of benefits for companies looking for a flexible solution to increase and develop the skills of their workforce. Course content has been developed in partnership with industry experts and corporations to ensure that it is entirely focused on providing the practical skills required in today's fast-paced business environment. Currently, approximately 75% of students on the programmes are funded by their employers. Among those companies that have opted to make the programmes available to their employees are Motorola, Philips, Cap Gemini, GlaxoSmithKline and EDS. Qualified working adults from around the world can apply for the programmes at Notes to editors About The University of Liverpool Established in 1881, The University of Liverpool is an international centre of excellence in teaching and research. In the course of its history the University has been associated with no less than eight Nobel Laureates and numerous research and academic achievements. It has over 25,000 students and offers studies in variety of disciplines including Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, and Medicine. See also About K.I.T. eLearning K.I.T. eLearning, located in The Netherlands, provides online study solutions specifically designed for active professionals. K.I.T. partners with the University of Liverpool to deliver its Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Science in Information Technology programmes worldwide. The programmes, a result of 5 years research into career knowledge needs, are in their second year of operation. See also For further press information, please contact: Nicola Garrett Claire Culshaw Golin/Harris International Golin/Harris International Direct tel: 0207 898 3427 Direct tel: 0207 898 3411 Email: Email: ¹Results from recent student satisfaction survey ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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