PrimeKey launches new ground-breaking Ready-to-use PKI appliance at the RSA EXPO

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At this year's RSA Conference, PrimeKey is launching its new ground-breaking PKI appliance, which combines the security, reliability, trust and deployment of PKI in one hardware device. It sets up a complete private key infrastructure (PKI) with no installation and no configuration necessary.  PrimeKey is the visionary mastermind behind this crypto appliance, a collaborative partnership between PrimeKey and its two long-time partners, C2 Company from San Mateo, California, and Utimaco Safeware AG from Germany, joined forces for the project.

The trust provider for the PKI appliance is Utimaco, whose tamper-responsive HSMs are at the heart of PrimeKey's product. C2 Company is in charge of deployment, which comprises devising and integrating the unique security policy, the adaptation to PKI systems as well as rollout and operation mode.

PrimeKey PKI Appliance offers a complete feature set needed to operate a full blown Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) out-of-the box. With the combination of the Common Criteria certified EJBCA 5, easy to use management functions, high-performance hardware and a FIPS 140-2 certified Hardware Security Module (HSM), PrimeKey PKI Appliance offers the easiest and most efficient way to deploy an enterprise PKI system without the hassles of complex installation and integration procedures.                    

Because the PrimeKey PKI appliance is set up in a snap, it provides rapid deployment and low maintenance costs. It makes PKI even interesting for smaller companies who require thorough key protection for their sensitive data, but who have never been able to master the integration process before. The ease of use on the client side is achieved by teaming up highly sophisticated crypto technology with unparalleled industry know-how.


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PrimeKey is the world's leading open source PKI (public key infrastructure) company, founder and commercial force behind SignServer and - EJBCA, the most downloaded open source PKI project.An open source security software pioneer, PrimeKey provides enterprise class solutions to key public and commercial sector clients worldwide. Organizations turn to PrimeKey's open source software platforms to implement security solutions such as:

  • e-passports
  • product authenticity
  • document signing
  • digital signatures
  • unified digital identities
  • ...and their associated high speed and high availability validation.

PrimeKey's enterprise class integration, training and support services and dedication to open standards help customers achieve their organizational goals.

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