PrimeKey’s first Official partner in Japan, OGIS-RI, will resell EJBCA as part of their solution ThemiStruct-CM.

OGIS-RI Co., Ltd (OGIS-RI) and PrimeKey Solutions AB are pleased to announce that they have signed Partnership Agreement. This unique partnership enables OGIS-RI customers to provide cutting edge certificate management solutions to its customers while at the same time strengthening its original IT solutions brand ”ThremiStruct-CM”.

Osaka, Japan, Stockholm, Sweden – 24 May 2013 – PrimeKey and OGIS-RI  are pleased to announce their first official partnership. This unique partnership allows OGIS-RI to resell EJBCA 5.0.9, PrimeKey's flagship Common Criteria certified PKI product beginning June 2013. The product has been localised for the Japanese speaking market and provides enhanced technical support.

The partnership enables OGIS-RI to strengthen its Open Source Software based authentication infrastructure solution lineup "ThemiStruct" through the creation of an integrated authentication platform with ID management and Single Sign on for desktops, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices.  

       About EJBCA

EJBCA is a common criteria certified open source certificate authority and  supports all major PKI standards. It is a robust, high performance, platform independent, flexible, and component based CA that can be used as a stand-alone or integrated in other JEE applications. It is the world’s most downloaded open source PKI project.

       About ThemiStruct-CM

Generally, the price of commercial electronic certificate services is fixed by the unit. As a result in parallel with increasing the number of issued certificates, the expense continues to increase. However, with EJBCA, the cost reduces drastically with increased issuance. Therefore, it is possible to issue high numbers of certificates without extra cost even with multi devices.OGIS-RI provides to the Japanese market its original solution "ThemiStruct-CM", which is based on EJBCA and makes it possible to integrate authentication infrastructure of ID management and Single Sign On.

For further information please contact:

Anna Seddigh - Marketing & Communication Manager at PrimeKey

Phone: +46 709 886048     Email:

Yoshihnobu Anase - Marketing & Support Department Service Business Division at OGIS-RI

Phone: +81 66584 0534     Email:


PrimeKey Group of Companies consists of the parent company PrimeKey Solutions AB and subsidiaries PrimeKey Support AB and PrimeKey Labs AB. PrimeKey is headquartered in Sweden and has representation offices in Switzerland and USA.

PrimeKey is the leading open source PKI (public key infrastructure) company in the world. Founder and commercial force behind the most downloaded open source PKI projects called EJBCA, and SignServer. An open source security software pioneer, PrimeKey provides enterprise class solutions to key public and commercial sector clients worldwide. Organizations turn to PrimeKey’s open source software platforms to implement security solutions such as e-passports, product authenticity, document signing, digital signatures, unified digital identities and their associated high speed and high availability validation. PrimeKey's enterprise class integration, dedication to open standards, training and support services help customers to achieve their organizational goals.


OGIS-RI is a 100 % subsidiary of Osaka Gas. Co., Ltd., the 2nd largest gas utility company in Japan, and provides full life cycle support for the IT systems of its parent company. OGIS-RI is known as the pioneer of Object-Oriented Technology and Unified Model based solutions in Japan, and has experience in IT development and maintenance in the manufacturing, finance and utility industries. Last year, OGIS-RI unveiled the concept of “100-hundred architecture”, a vision to realize sustainable IT systems. OGIS-RI is focused on offering solutions based on Modeling, Service-oriented architecture (SOA), Open Source Software (OSS) and Cloud integration to promote sustainable Enterprise IT systems.


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