It isn’t just water on the rise: rat population is booming! Procter Pest-Stop helps with infestation

With some areas across the UK having as much as a month’s rainfall in 24 hours, it’s not only the wet weather that is causing problems - rat population is also on the rise.

In the recent humid weather and high water levels, people in the West Country in particular have reported seeing as many as 600 rats within 20 feet of their homes.

Pest control experts, Procter Pest-Stop, urge you to keep your shelves fully stocked with rat traps. Rats are a serious problem and customers will make distress purchases all over the country.

The high number of new developments on floodplains doesn’t help with this situation. With water not draining away as quickly and naturally as it should, the wet conditions create the perfect habitat for rats to breed and survive.

Surveys have proven that the rat population in this country has increased by more than 52% in a four-year period. Today there are more rats than humans in the UK.

Rats, like mice, can be a serious risk to health due to the various diseases they carry, including salmonella. They can also cause structural damage to properties.

Easy-Setting Metal Rat Trap

Product Code: PSESRT
The Procter Pest-Stop Easy Set Rat Trap is a long lasting powerful trap that is simple to set. This trap is constructed using strong metal that will last for many years and has a sensitive mechanism, making it a very effective trap.

  •  Easy to use
  •  Long-lasting
  •  Reusable
  •  Powerful action
  •  Individually boxed with hanging tab

Product Barcode:   5014055001030

Product Dimensions:  H 197mm x W 91mm x D 40mm

Product Weight (Exc pack): 132g

Product Weight (Inc pack):  154g

Inner Quantity:   12

Outer Quantity:   144

Pallet Quantity:   1,296 (3 outer cartons per layer x 3 high)

Waste Packaging:   Product – 22g paper, Secondary – 108g paper; Outer – 793g paper

RRP £3.50

Little Nipper Rat Trap

Product Code PSLNR

This wooden-based, traditional rat trap is one of the most powerful on the market due to its strong spring. The treadle bait-station is based on the Little Nipper wooden mousetrap design.

Bait is placed on the treadle, which is raised when the trap is set.

  • High catch rate
  • Supplied in full colour display box
  • Powerful spring ensures a quick kill
  • Full setting instructions included
  • Quick and humane
  • Pack of one trap

Product Barcode:   5014055000033

Product Dimensions:  H 85mm x W 148mm x D 191mm

Product Weight (Exc pack): 918g

Product Weight (Inc pack):  1.01KG

Inner Quantity:   6

Outer Quantity:   120

Pallet Quantity:   2,160 (3 outer cartons per layer x 6 high)

Waste packaging:   Product – 94g paper; Outer - 906g paper

RRP £3.50

Electronic Rat Killer

Product Code: PSERK

State-of-the-art ‘smart’ electronics control this unique device. When a rat enters the electronic rat killer to reach the bait, it reaches a point where it touches both killing plates and completes an electrical circuit, which kills it in seconds. Because of the open design to suit rats rather than mice, the rat killer is intended for use by professional pest controllers and agricultural workers.

  • Four C-size batteries (not included) provides enough power for up to 12 kills 
  • Warning light flashes when batteries need replacing
  • Also kills mice
  • Warning light signals a capture
  • Full instructions for use provided
  • Individually packaged in full colour box

Product Barcode:  5014055000439

Product Dimensions:  H 220mm x W 125mm x D 105mm

Product Weight (Exc pack): 481g

Product Weight (Inc pack): 591g

Inner Quantity:   1

Outer Quantity:   4

Pallet Quantity:   320 (12 outer cartons per layer x 5 high)

Waste packaging:  Product - 102g paper, 8g plastic; Outer - 190g paper

RRP £59.99

Procter Pest-Stop advises using bait such as peanut butter and chocolate which are the most appealing smell to rats.

You can purchase these products direct from a selection of online retailers listed on the Procter Pest-Stop website. Visit, navigate to Rats under Get Rid Pests, select your preferred product then click the Buy Now tab to compare retailers’ offers. The products are also stocked by many independent DIY and hardware stores.

Remember, rats carry a variety of diseases, and should never be handled without protection.

Procter Pest-Stop is one of theUK’s longest-established manufacturers of pest control products for the home and garden with a history dating back to 1740. The company publishes extensive background and practical information about all aspects of pest control at its website – see web address above.

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Editor’s notes:

  • The Little Nipper was first made by Procter Brothers Ltd in 1897, designed by the British inventor, James Henry Atkinson. Its distinctive design has remained largely unchanged ever since. The unique treadle design of this original wooden platform mousetrap makes it one of the most effective traps available.
  • James Atkinson sold his mousetrap patent to Procter Brothers Ltd in 1913 for £1,000 and the company has established a 150-exhibit mousetrap museum at its factory in Bedwas, Caerphilly.
  •  The Little Nipper slams shut in thirty-eight thousandths of a second – a record that has never been beaten. The mousetrap has captured a 60% share of the British mousetrap market alone, and an estimated equal share of the international market.
  • Procter Pest-Stop is a long-established, family-owned firm which can trace its history back to 1740 when the original business was founded making a range of wire products.
  • The company is one of the UK’s longest-established designers, manufacturers and suppliers of pest control products for professionals and domestic use, based in Bedwas, South Wales. In all its divisions, Procter Pest-Stop combines the best aspects of traditional craftsmanship and care for its customers and employees, with up-to-date technology and production methods.
  • With over 100 years’ experience, Procter Pest-Stop has gained vast knowledge of the pest control industry developing products for professional use.
  • In 2004, Procter Brothers brought together all of its market-leading pest control products under a single new brand name: Procter Pest-Stop. This coincided with the launch of a number of new products to assert the brand as the one-stop shop for all pest control requirements.
  • Procter Pest-Stop supplies serious, high-quality pest control products with one of the most comprehensive product ranges available to deal with: mice, rats, squirrels, moles, rabbits, flying insects, crawling insects, spiders, woodlice, birds, foxes, cats, dogs, badgers, deer, and mink. The range of solutions include: conventional, humane and cage traps, chemical products, electronic, garden and insect pest control, pet products, as well as pest control on buildings.
  • The Procter Pest-Stop range of high quality products is used by professionals internationally to trap or repel most pests. The range is continuously developing to meet the needs of professionals.
  • Jeff Nicholls, the UK’s leading authority on mole control and the author of published books on the subject, was employed by the company to redesign the classic half barrel mole trap.
  •  Procter Pest-Stop can supply pest controllers direct and offer competitive discounts.
  •  A first class delivery service is offered, with orders being dispatched the same day or next day on a three-day delivery (or overnight required).
  •  Procter Pest-Stop offers excellent technical support through our telephone helpline.
  •  For more details: