Föreningssparbanken it engage in competence planning -choose Prohunt as supplier

FÖRENINGSSPARBANKEN IT ENGAGE IN COMPETENCE PLANNING -CHOOSE PROHUNT AS SUPPLIER Föreningssparbanken IT will invest just over 1.2 billion SEK in a new technical platform from the Swedish software company Prohunt AB. Through this agreement, 700 employees will have the possibility to plan and carry out their own competence development interactively. They have already started installing the program. Prohunt AB activate the programme server licence and 700 user licences with the option to add 300 further licences during the year. Prohunt has developed the technical platform and supply ProCompetence, a program for competence development on a company or individual level, and Competence Management, consultant services for advice on how to optimise management of human capital at the bank. Among other things, this involves coaching in project form for quality certification, training and technical support. -Competence development has always been important for FöreningsSparbanken IT and now, we raise the level of ambition by introducing a new method of taking care of, and developing, our employees, says Birgitta Lagerlöf. This is both an investment in new competence and cost cutting. Prohunt is the leading supplier in Scandinavia of total solutions for the development and management of an organisation's competence, career and resource planning. Using a Web based program suite, methods and consulting services for Intellectual Capital Management, Prohunt have developed a unique opportunity for companies to attract, develop and retain and value employees and their competence. Prohunt have 115 employees and have offices in five locations in Sweden and Norway. During spring 2000 operations were expanded and re-enforced with the starting of a partnership with Comenius and New Start. The owners comprise of the company's founders, employees, IT Provider and Ledstiernan. Among our present clients can be found leading companies like AstraZeneca, Cell Network, Ericsson, FöreningsSparbanken, Hydro, IKEA, MeritaNordbanken, Statoil, Swedish Match and Telia. For more information, contact Jeanette Cronstedt Lind Prohunt AB, tel: + 46 (0)8-789 61 00 or Birgitta Lagerlöf FöreningSparbanken IT, tel: + 46 (0)8-58594148 or visit www.prohunt.se ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/21/20001121BIT01090/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/21/20001121BIT01090/bit0002.pdf