Listed companies invest in skills development - Prohunt wins contracts worth millions

LISTED COMPANIES INVEST IN SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - PROHUNT WINS CONTRACTS WORTH MILLIONS Two listed companies, Cell Network and Swedish Match, are together investing over SEK 4m in online skills development for their managers and staff. The contracts have been won by the software company Prohunt AB. Prohunt's in-house, web-based technological platform, Intellectual Capital Management (ICM), with a range of online software, will provide the basis for the companies to manage their own skills development programmes. The internet consultancy company Cell Network, with a staff of over 2 200, will be using Prohunt's ProAnalys and ProConsultant software under licence. The objective is to improve strategic management of the skills development programme, increase utilisation of consultants' capacity and enhance resource planning. "Prohunt have an extensive, in-depth knowledge of Intellectual Capital Management, and their tools are best suited to our current requirements," said Per Brykt, project manager for Corporate HR at Cell Network. "What's more, they have many years' experience of complex implementations on a large scale." Swedish Match is investing in staff training using ProCompetence. The company has identified skills development as a strategic, business- critical activity. The first stage of the project will involve around 100 managers and specialists, but in the longer term the company sees the potential for involving a further 500-600 people. In September, Prohunt AB announced similar contracts for clients including Föreningsbanken IT, Teracom and Gävleborgs landsting etc. Prohunt is Scandinavia's leading supplier of package solutions for developing and managing skills, career and resource planning within organisations. Through a web-based software suite, specialist methods and consultancy services in Intellectual Capital Management, Prohunt has devised a unique means for businesses to attract, develop, retain and assess employees and their skills. Prohunt currently employs 115 people at five locations in Sweden and Norway. In spring 2000, the business was expanded and strengthened through mergers with Comenius and New Start. The company's shareholders are its founders and staff, IT Provider and Ledstiernan. Current clients include leading companies such as AstraZeneca, Cell Network, Ericsson, FöreningsSparbanken, Hydro, IKEA, MeritaNordbanken, Statoil, Swedish Match and Telia. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: