Norsk hydro introduces interactive career planning - Prohunt chosen as supplier

NORSK HYDRO INTRODUCES INTERACTIVE CAREER PLANNING - PROHUNT CHOSEN AS SUPPLIER Norsk Hydro's subsidiary, Hydro IS Partner, whose turnover was just under NOK 1 billion in 1999, has chosen software company Prohunt as its supplier of a technical platform and software (ASP) for both collective and individual career planning for its approximately 400 staff. The programme is already up and running and should be completed during the first six months of 2001. The investment is estimated to be worth approximately SEK1.8 million. Hydro IS Partner runs and maintains Norsk Hydro's network and is responsible, among other things, for over 25,000 PCs, 4,000 UNIX users and over 1,000 servers. It is also the driving force behind the far- reaching development of B2B solutions and offers strategic consulting services. Prohunt's web-based system will assist co-workers with their requests regarding personal development which are in line with the organisation's own needs for various skills. It will also be an aid in the field of individual development discussions. The advantage with the web is that it is not bound by time or place. Would-be students can take charge of their own planning when it bests suits them. Prohunt will also train 12 career coaches who will plan and run their own workshops. It is becoming increasingly more important for companies to attract, nurture and develop their staff, especially in the dynamic financial climate of contemporary Europe. Training and career planning are therefore a vital strategic instrument. Prohunt's system supplies the perfect solution and is underpinned by individual career planning. In the ever- flatter organisations of today, a career is perceived as something far more than simply climbing the ladder - breadth is even more important than height. "This is an important order which furthers our ambition to create our own market in the Nordic region based on our Swedish activities," Johan Rittner, newly-appointed CEO of Prohunt, says. "It also confirms that our view on the yield from human capital is accurate and illustrates our ability to help our business partners enhance their worth." Enquiries to Frances Broman, Prohunt AB Phone +46 8 789 61 00 or visit Prohunt is the Nordic region's leading supplier of holistic solutions for the development and management of organisations' intellectual capital. Our web-based program suite for Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) includes applications for competence and career development, resource management as well as corporate e-learning. Armed with Prohunt's web-based program suite, working methods and consultancy services, companies have a unique opportunity to attract, develop and appraise co-workers and their skills so that their business value can be fully realised. Prohunt now has a staff of 115 at five offices located around Sweden and Norway. In the spring of 2000, our business activities were both broadened and strengthened as a result of our merger with Comenius and New Start. The company is owned by its founders, co-workers, IT Provider and Ledstiernan and current business partners include leading companies such as AstraZeneca, Cell Network, Ericsson, FöreningsSparbanken, Hydro, IKEA, MeritaNordbanken, Statoil, Swedish Match and Telia. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: