Global clothing group offers innovative odour destroying technology as new option on suit and shirt lines

International clothing manufacturer, Bagir Group, integrates Odegon protection that traps and then destroys under-arm odour molecules.  

Odegon DeoTags® are now included in the specification options of the Bagir Group, a multi-national group of companies involved in the design, development and manufacture of own brand and private label collections of men and women’s tailored fashions.

The small fabric tags, which uses micro technology to attract and destroy the molecules responsible for body odour (BO), is available for Bagir Group’s clothing brand customers to specify on all their suits and shirts. It is also offered on the company’s SmarTraveler and CoolWeave, own label, suits. Odegon DeoTags have been specified by Marks & Spencer on its lightweight suit range since March 2013.

Lia Sherban, a senior manager at Bagir Group Ltd. said, “We continually strive to offer our customers innovative technologies that set them above and beyond their competitors. Odour is a persistent issue for many men and women who wear shirts and suits day in, day out, and this is a great product that handles the problem at source, and even without the need for deodorants, if necessary.”

Sherban goes on to say, “When we’ve shown our customers the technology, they have been very impressed and see the product as a great way of adding value without large increases in price point. We believe this type of innovative technology is the future of garment development.”

Odegon’s technology eliminates the antisocial odour resulting from human sweat via a fabric tag housing a three-dimensional mesh of activated carbon material. Soft, chemical-free, odourless, inert, non-allergenic and environmentally-friendly compared to silver alternatives, the tags remain permanently in place for the life of the garment where they perform regardless of the number of washes.

Odegon has also developed retail products based on its technology. Odegon’s DeoSole, a stick in, discreet pad, using the same technology to eliminate odour in shoes has been sold through Boots, Aldi and independent footwear retailers in the UK.

Steve Rawlings, CEO of Odegon says, “We recognised early on the potential of Odegon DeoTags for suits and shirts, due to the fact they are hardworking garments worn by people who are required to stay fresh from an 8 am meeting all the way through to after work drinks. Deodorants simply cannot cope all day long, leading to expensive and inconvenient trips to the dry cleaner and our unique technology is a great solution for many people.

“DeoTags can be easily designed into the armpit area of any garment by clothing manufacturers without the need for additional machinery. We are finding that our clients are keen to move away from finishes that contain sliver and other chemical alternatives, in favour of our environmentally friendly and safe products such as Odegon.” he says.

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Note to editors: Samples of Odegon products are available on request.

About Odegon Technologies

Odegon Technologies was founded in 2010 by Steve and Tom Rawlings. Chairman Steve Rawlings spent over 35 years running companies involved in the development of technical protective fabrics for the defence, North Sea diving, aerospace and automotive industries. Odegon products include DeoSole foot deodorising product and DeoTag which can either be included during garment manufacture or iron-on or stick-on versions can be applied at home. Customers include Boots, Marks & Spencer and Aldi. Odegon Technologies is based in Shropshire, UK and is developing further products.

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