MEDIA ADVISORY Cataclean® Christmas giveaways for car, van and motorcycle owners

The offer 

Free products for media to give away as prizes to their readers/viewers/listeners and for product review for inclusion in Christmas gift guides. 

Cataclean can provide product information editorial to publication’s needs.  

Ideal for Christmas competitions, promotions and gift guides. 

Ideal for car and motorcycle enthusiasts. 

The product 

Cataclean, the patented fuel and exhaust system cleaner. 

For use in cars, vans and motorcycles.  

We are giving away 450ml bottles for cars (RRP £18 for petrol cars and £19 for diesel cars). 

We are giving away 150ml bottles for four-stroke motorcycles (RRP £13). 

The product desirability 

Cataclean is independently proven to sharpen engine responsiveness, clean and protect catalytic converters in exhaust systems, improve fuel consumption by up to 9.7%, and reduce carbon emissions by an average of 33%. Cataclean is particularly recommended for use prior to MOT tests.  


Bottles of Cataclean available to media before and during December 2016.   

Media requests welcomed now. 


Click here to request samples for product reviews.  

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*Giveaways subject to guaranteed media coverage. 

About Cataclean

Developed in 1995, Cataclean is the flagship product of System Products UK. Cataclean successfully holds patents for and supplies global markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East & the Americas. The product is a fuel system cleaner for diesel, petrol and hybrid engines. Cataclean continues to market its products through established distributors in the motor trade and is available at retail and industry level.

Cataclean sales have grown steadily and now number many millions of bottles worldwide, driven by its excellent reputation and word of mouth recommendation.  It is available through an established, reliable network of distributors and stockists, a relationship that has created a secure platform for the business that will promote future growth and ensure regularity of sales, Cataclean has firmly positioned itself as a market leader.

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