PTV Group at the Telematics for Fleet Management USA

PTV xServers premiere in the USA

Karlsruhe, Germany. 13/11/2012. At the Telematics for Fleet Management Conference USA 2012, the PTV Group will be presenting its PTV xServers for the first time at The Westin Buckhead, Atlanta, on 13 and 14 November. PTV America has been active on the US market with traffic planning software for 15 years. Now the PTV Group is extending its portfolio in the United States, adding geographical and logistics functions to its powerful software components.

Ranging from geocoding to displaying data on digital maps through to trip planning and optimisation - PTV xServers provide geographical and logistics functions that can be integrated into client-server architectures. As the software components are modular by design, customers only have to license the modules they require. All of the software components work with current PTV map materials, which are regularly updated. Numerous code samples that come with the software are also available on the Internet, enabling developers to achieve results quickly and easily.

"The components that we are presenting for the first time in the USA at  Telematics for Fleet Management have already been tried and tested internationally. In the USA, we want to successfully position ourselves as providers of software components for routing, mapping, geocoding and optimisation. Our main aim is to support suppliers of fleet management and transport management with solutions for mapping, routing and vehicle deployment optimisation. We focus on innovative software components, which are simple to implement, enabling our partners to concentrate fully on their customer solutions," says Boris Wagner, Director Market Development.

Furthermore, Vincent Maenhaut, Vice President Sales & Marketing Logistics Software of the PTV Group, will take part in the panel discussion at the conference on 13 November. Together with experts from OnStar, Garmin and CPAC Systems, he will be discussing "Open & Closed Doors in Fleet Telematics" – data transfer and access as well as open and closed telematics platforms.

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PTV xServers

The following PTV xServers are currently available:

  • PTV xLocate Servers: performs address geocoding, reverse geocoding, address validation.
  • PTV xMap Servers: visualises maps, routes, POIs and objects.
  • PTV xRoute Servers: calculates routes, distances, driving times, toll costs, accessibility zones.
  • PTV xSequence Servers: optimises the sequence of stops within a transport run.
  • PTV xDima Servers: calculates distance matrices (driving times and routes) between locations and provides high performance results.
  • The PTV xCluster Server: creates homogeneous groups of customers or customer calls to ensure optimum workload of the mobile workforce, for example.
  • PTV xTour Servers: optimises trips to achieve optimum vehicle fleet efficiency.

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