ES 01 Mains Extension Socket

Untidy? Declutter.

Extension sockets have always been the Cinderella of interior design. Until now, the only products available have been multi-purpose: living-room, studio, workshop, factory or garden shed.

The Punkt ES 01 changes all that. Its neat cover keeps everything looking tidy. You can choose whether to use the C-clip to bunch some or all of the cables together. The central switch lets you power everything off with ease. And the combination of elegant design and solid build quality (manufactured in Italy, using the finest craftsmanship) will bring a touch of class to any interior. Even that garden shed.

The ES 01 is the work of young Colombian designer Georges Moanack, under the direction of Jasper Morrison. Georges wanted to make crawling under furniture to untangle cables a thing of the past; the design challenge was to find an attractive and accessible solution to this problem.

Five well-spaced sockets create a functional hub under the sleek lid. The cleverly designed, robust locking system provides one-touch opening. And the tactile rubber switch on top of the ES 01 allows simultaneous on/off operation of all the connected devices, with a soft white LED light indicating power status.

The interior of the ES 01 is designed to accommodate power supplies that might normally cover two or three sockets, enabling you to use plugs and AC adapters of different shapes and sizes. The fabric power cord is a generous three metres in length, ensuring ample reach for most settings.

The ES 01 is available in a range of versions to comply with the different power supply standards of a wide selection of countries.

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Retail prices

ES 01 Red / Black / White: 59 | $69 | £59 | CHF69

Technical specifications

ES 01 versions for different countries The ES 01 is available in a range of versions to comply with the different power supply standards of a wide selection of countries.

Made in Italy The ES 01 is manufactured and assembled in Italy.

Colour Black / White / Red

Check ES 01 dimensions

Appliances connected to ES 01 maximum overall power rating  2300 W, 50 Hz, 230 V (Type F/L Italy; Type F Schuko; Type E French; Type J Swiss; Type G UK).


  • Main power switch. 
  • Overload protection with thermal circuit breaker. 
  • 10 A resettable fuse (Type F Schuko; Type E French; Type J Swiss; Type G UK).

In the box

  • ES 01 Extension Socket.
  • Rubber C-clip.
  • Quick installation guide.

Sockets and power cord

  • Type F/L Italy : 5x CEE 7/4 - L 10A Sockets, CEE 7/7 plug. 
  • Type F Schuko: 5x CEE 7/4 sockets; CEE 7/7. 
  • Type E French: 5x CEE 7/5 sockets; CEE 7/7. 
  • Type J Swiss: 5x SEV 1011 sockets; SEV 1011. 
  • Type G UK: 5x BS 1363 sockets; BS 1363 plug. 
  • Power-cord length: 3 m (all versions).

Certified compatible countries

  • Type F/L Italy: Italy; San Marino; Vatican.  
  • Type F Schuko: Andorra; Austria; Bulgaria; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Romania; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden;Turkey. 
  •  Type E French plug: Belgium; Czech Republic; France; Monaco; Poland; Slovakia.   
  • Type J Swiss: Lichtenstein; Switzerland. 
  • Type G UK: Cyprus; Ireland; Malta; United Kingdom.     

Home pack 4 units

Office pack 8 units

About Us

Headquartered in Switzerland, Punkt. was established by Petter Neby in 2008 with the idea of bringing a breath of fresh air into the consumer electronics market with outstanding, timeless products designed to do their job, without intruding on their owner's time and attention. From the very beginning, renowned British industrial designer Jasper Morrison was on board as the company’s art director. The name Punkt. is taken from the Germanic word for ‘point’ or ‘full stop/period’, and was chosen to symbolize the way the company’s products are built around simplicity, clarity and focus. Punkt. launched its debut product, the DP 01 Cordless Phone, in January 2011 at Maison et Objet in Paris. Since then, the company has continued to develop stylish, carefully designed and elegantly crafted electronics products aimed at people who want to be in charge of the technology they buy, and who understand the importance of subtle beauty in everyday life.


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