Sleeping with Punkt.

The AC 01 alarm clock. The only tech you need beside your pillow.

Making the switch to a balanced relationship with technology?

 Step 1: ban phones from the bedroom, and get an alarm clock.

Until June 30th, every e‑shop purchase of an AC 01 (red, white or silver) qualifies for a free copy of Matthew Walker's book 'How We Sleep'. Just add the code “WhyWeSleep” when prompted. Click here to buy.

If we didn’t really know how vital sleep is for our good health and wellbeing before the digital revolution, we certainly do now.

The smartphone has brought us many wondrous things, and somewhat ironically perhaps one of them is shining a screen shaped backlight on exactly why sleep is so important.

Since our sleeping patterns have been relentlessly disturbed by our always-on lifestyles, and our smartphones being the enabler of constant distraction, there seems to be more research and advice than ever telling us about the side-effects of sleep: How getting the right amount protects our physical health, our mental health, and our overall quality of life.

From preventing weight gain, maximizing physical performance, decreasing health risks such as heart disease and diabetes, to increasing our social interactions and making us less susceptible to depression – the list of reported benefits to regular sleep is long and noteworthy. 

So, step 1 for a healthier lifestyle and gaining some tech balance? Remove our phones from the bedroom, and get an alarm clock. 

The Punkt. AC 01 is designed to do 3 things:

-       Be incredibly stylish with its now iconic Jasper Morrison designed strikingly simple good looks

-       Not to disturb you whilst you sleep, with no unwanted notifications or light pollution

-       To charmingly wake you when required 

Being the reason why Punkt. was first formed as a company, the AC 01 was designed and produced in 2011 as a response to seeking a good night’s sleep amidst increasing smartphone related insomnia. It has since spearheaded the company’s decade of leading the digital minimalist movement, inspiring complimentary products such as its celebrated MP 01 & MP 02 mobile phones, designed to keep you connected, but not distracted. 

“The more tech we take into the bedroom, the less we end up switching off: I wanted to make an alarm clock that does a single job well, and does it in style.” Petter Neby, founder of Punkt. 

A good night’s sleep also produces something close to the philosophy of Punkt. – An increase in focus and productivity. An area that is increasingly being seen as the differentiator in our knowledge-rich, attention-poor society. 

Straightforward and intuitive, the AC 01 combines its sophisticated design with materials of enduring quality: the dial is protected by thick scratch-resistant glass, and the body is made of solid aluminium.

Activate or deactivate the alarm with a simple gesture – the status is clearly displayed on the dial. Using the snooze function couldn’t be easier: the whole back of the clock is a switch. Form follows function: good news when you’re not yet ready to open your eyes.

Glow-in-the-dark hands and dial mean you can tell the time in complete darkness, but if you prefer, the same clock-sized rear switch turns on an elegant light ring. Separate batteries for clock/alarm and light help ensure that the AC 01 never lets you down in its core role: waking you up and being an elegant start to the day. 

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Retail prices: 

CHF 165 | € 139 | £ 115 | USD 165

About Us

Headquartered in Switzerland, Punkt. was established by Petter Neby in 2008 with the idea of bringing a breath of fresh air into the consumer electronics market with outstanding, timeless products designed to do their job, without intruding on their owner's time and attention. From the very beginning, renowned British industrial designer Jasper Morrison was on board as the company’s art director. The name Punkt. is taken from the Germanic word for ‘point’ or ‘full stop/period’, and was chosen to symbolize the way the company’s products are built around simplicity, clarity and focus. Punkt. launched its debut product, the DP 01 Cordless Phone, in January 2011 at Maison et Objet in Paris. Since then, the company has continued to develop stylish, carefully designed and elegantly crafted electronics products aimed at people who want to be in charge of the technology they buy, and who understand the importance of subtle beauty in everyday life.


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