Purite MediQA Renal Dialysis water purification RO solution now accredited for Canada

MediQA, Purite’s water purification solution designed for dialysis departments, has now been awarded with the necessary Canadian Medical Device Licenses, meaning that Purite’s sister company AmeriWater is now able to launch the product in Canada.

The MediQA unit uses reverse osmosis technology to provide purified water for dialysis, and can offer un-matched performance, reliability, and functionality, meeting all dialysis equipment requirements.

MediQA boasts purified water outputs from 500 litres per hour to 3,500 litres per hour, and is conveniently controlled via a user-friendly touch screen interface.  With automated heat disinfection of RO membranes, MediQA units ensure that any potential for bacterial growth on membrane surfaces is minimized.  “We believe these best-in-class designs provide a new, unmatched range of advantages for dialysis units” commented AmeriWater CEO Diane Dolan.

AmeriWater is based at Dayton in Ohio, and is a premier provider of water treatment solutions to customers within dialysis, healthcare, and industrial sectors.  Purite has been working successfully with AmeriWater for the last 18 months, helping the company to prepare the MediQA system and support through local employees who can assist customers with training, installation and maintenance.

MediQA is also in the process of gaining FDA approval, which will mean that in a matter of months the product will also be marketable in the USA.

Purite is accredited with a number of certificates validating their high levels of quality, procedures, and health & safety, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485 2012, and ISO 14001-2004.

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Purite designs, develops and manufactures water purification systems for use in applications in both the healthcare and research sectors and throughout industry. The company specialises in a wide range of technologies, including ion exchange, carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation, electro-deionisation and ultrafiltration. Purite solutions can be supplied as stand-alone units or as fully integrated systems with production capacities up to many thousands of litres per hour. In every case, the company provides full installation, technical and service support. Purite has been established for over 30 years and is accredited to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001. The company is part of Degremont Industrial Solutions, a major water solutions provider backed by the resources of the multi-national SUEZ group.



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