Puurakentajat Group Oy to construct a comfortable and energy-efficient wood apartment building in Etelä-Haaga in Helsinki

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Puurakentajat Group Oy, Press release, 6 October 2022 at 3.00 p.m. EEST

Puurakentajat Group Oy, the Finnish expert in solid wood construction, has been appointed to construct a wood apartment building in Etelä-Haaga in Helsinki, together with Woodberg Oy, a specialist in urban wooden construction. The four storey building called Asunto-osakeyhtiö Haagan Artturi, is built from solid wood and equipped with cost efficient and environmentally friendly geothermal heating. The construction project includes 11 ecological apartments and a total of 850 square meters of floor area.

Construction will begin at the factory this autumn, and the preliminary schedule for completion is in the autumn of 2023. The short construction time is made possible by the tailored, pre-fabricated construction concept of Puurakentajat.

Haagan Artturi is Puurakentajat’s first proprietary pre-fabricated construction project where the pre-fabricated modules are produced at Timberpoint Oy's Loviisa factory in Eastern Finland. The high degree of pre-fabrication and manufacturing in indoor premises enable the production of pre-fabricated modules of top quality.

"All stages of the production can be carried out quickly, accurately and efficiently in the heated factory hall. At the same time, the indoor production site allows us to pay even more attention to employee health and safety," said project development manager Tatu Teriö from Puurakentajat.

The Haagan Artturi project meets today's high environmental requirements in several ways. As a supplementary construction site, it does not require any new infrastructure and it will be built of environmentally friendly solid wood. This energy class A building will be heated with cost efficient and ecological geothermal heat, and it can be equipped with solar panels. Indoor comfort is further enhanced with hydronic underfloor heating.

”We are excited to implement our first pre-fabricated construction project with our experienced partner Puurakentajat. This is our second project with them. The first one was the terraced house As. Oy Laajasalon Greija, which was built in 2018 in Laajasalo, Helsinki," said CEO and architect Aleksi Niemeläinen of Woodberg Oy.

"This project is fully in line with Puurakentajat Group’s strategy. We construct ecological and high-quality low-carbon buildings from solid wood, without vapour barrier plastics. While the CO2 equivalent of apartment buildings of similar size and built with traditional construction methods is about 156 tons, this solid wood project binds about 330 tons of CO2 equivalent. This can only be achieved with solid wood as construction material," stated CEO Mikko Leino of Puurakentajat.

Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO 2-equivalent) describes the combined climate-warming effect of greenhouse gas emissions.

 Read more about the building (in Finnish) on https://haaganartturi.fi 

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