Puurakentajat's new Board of Directors supports the company's strong growth strategy

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Puurakentajat Group Oy Press release 9 February 2022 at 12.15 p.m. EET

Puurakentajat Group Oy, the expert in solid wood construction, has nominated three new members to its Board of Directors: Sanna Nokka from Verona Group, Maria Toivanen from Onvest Oy and Pertti Vanhanen from Cromwell Property Group. The new Board of Directors supports the company's strong growth phase and is a continuum to the company’s changed ownership structure, which was implemented in November 2021 when Onvest Oy and Finnish Industry Investment Ltd (Tesi) acquired a stake in Puurakentajat through a directed share issue.

Since 2006, Puurakentajat Group Oy has designed and built ecologically sustainable, resilient and healthy detached homes, apartment buildings and schools and kindergartens, among others. The growing trend of responsible and ecological construction is reflected in the strong order backlog of Puurakentajat. Examples of extensive and impressive projects of Puurakentajat are the sea-side Satama Arena in Kotka and the wooden apartment block As Oy Portinvartija in the historic center of Turku.

The company is developing its business with a clear objective. The goal is to grow into the leading group in the Nordic countries specializing in the development and construction of wood technology and wood construction. In Finland, the company is already the market leader in solid wood construction.

Newly nominated Board of Directors

Three new board members have been nominated: Sanna Nokka, Tax Expert and CEO of Verona Tax & Legal Oy and Verona Consulting Oy, Maria Toivanen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Onvest Oy and Pertti Vanhanen, European CEO of Cromwell Property Group.

Jyrki Huttunen, the founder, main shareholder and chief operating officer of Puurakentajat, will continue as Board member. Mikke Ruuhonen will continue as Chairman of the Board. Esa Koponen, Investment Manager at Tesi, will act as observer of the Board of Directors.

Following the transaction in November 2021, the family held Onvest Oy owns about 28% of Puurakentajat and Tesi just over 14%. Onvest invests primarily in companies with exceptional know-how and in sectors with high entry barriers. Maria Toivanen from Onvest commented:

“Puurakentajat is a significant player in the Finnish construction industry who in a tremendous way improves the Finnish wood construction know-how. It is a pleasure to be involved in developing and growing this responsible business that takes ecological values ​​forward in an innovative way towards international success.”

“I am delighted about the opportunity to support Puurakentajat in building their growth story. It is great to be able to support growth and internationalization of high-quality and environmentally friendly construction,” said Pertti Vanhanen.

“We now have an experienced Board with broad strategic competence, which supports and enables profitable growth and internationalization of Puurakentajat,”said Mikke Ruuhonen, Chairman of the Board of Puurakentajat.

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Puurakentajat Group Oy is a Finnish group specializing in wood technology and construction with decades of experience in solid wood construction and renovation. We design, produce and build ecologically sustainable and healthy single-family houses, apartment blocks, schools and day-care centres, among others. The use of solid wood elements enables new architectural solutions and enhances construction, both economically and from the viewpoint of the environment and health. We construct solid wood buildings where people feel good. www.puurakentajat.fi