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Chair of the Board in Q-Free ASA, Tore Valderhaug, has today informed the Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee that he will resign as per 14 January 2020 due to increased workload from taking on new projects and interim executive positions abroad. Valderhaug has served in the Board from February 2016 and has held the position as Chair of the Board since May 2017.

Vice Chair of the Board, Trond Valvik, will take on the position and act as Chair of the Board until the next ordinary general assembly. Valvik has served on Q-Free’s Board since May 2017.  Valvik is Investment Director in Rieber & Søn AS, Q-Free’s largest shareholder.

-We would like to thank Valderhaug for his contributions to Q-Free over the past four years. He has devoted significant time and energy to the company, comments acting Chair of the Board Trond Valvik.

For further information, please contact:

Acting Chair of the Board, Trond Valvik: +47 992 32 815

Chair of the Nomination Committee, Heidi Finskas: +47 458 80 460