Qred starts offering financing for green investments

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Qred, one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Europe, is now offering financing for green investments to small businesses. The goal is to help small businesses to become more green and sustainable.

Copenhagen, 12 October 2022 - The Nordic fintech company Qred now offers small businesses green loans in Denmark. The green loans come at a reduced cost to the customers and enable customers to transform their business model into a more environmentally friendly one. 

According to the report from the Global Compact Network, 62 % of companies in Denmark are working actively on reducing their energy consumption, and 46 % on improving their energy efficiency. However, statistics show that 32 % of the companies find it difficult to decrease their climate impact due to the investment being too large. Qred is therefore offering green loans, so companies can take the step towards a greener business model that benefits both the environment and the business itself.

“We want to drive change, and improve the environmental footprint as much as we can, one step at a time. Qred strives to create greener and more sustainable solutions. By offering green loans to our customers we can help them create a more sustainable business.“ says Emil Sunvisson, CEO at Qred.
While taking a loan at Qred, it can be used for anything regarding your business. Whilst applying for a green loan, it should be used for activities  such as climate optimization for buildings, financing for an electric car, or payments for solar power systems. Essentially, the focus of green loans is to create and provide companies with better solutions that benefit the environment and the climate. 

Read more about Qred’s Green Loans and apply here: https://en.qred.dk/gronne-lan

For more information, please contact:
Sanne Holmvang 
Marketing Manager Denmark | Sanne.holmvang@qred.com

About Qred
Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Qred is now Sweden’s fastest growing fintech company according to the Financial Times. Qred is the market leader in the Nordic region and has Sweden’s most satisfied customers according to Trustpilot. With operations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Brazil, Belgium and Norway. Qred has helped more than 25,000 companies. Qred’s fully automated, proprietary credit scoring system allows Qred to quickly and competitively provide business owners with the power they need to grow.