Skip the Auctions: QuiBids announces QuiBids Deals

QuiBids has launched its latest offering, QuiBids Deals. These are deals on a variety of popular products that can be purchased on the site, without having to bid in auctions.

Oklahoma City, OK — May 4, 2012 —, the world’s leading entertainment retail auction website, has announced the debut of QuiBids Deals, a weekly program offering QuiBids’ customers the opportunity to skip auctions and buy brand-new items at discounts as steep as 75% off retail.

“We want to offer opportunities for savings that all of our customers get excited about,” said Kerry Morris, QuiBids’ vice-president of business development. “We hope Deals will appeal to customers looking for an alternative to our standard auction format while still enjoying the entertainment we have to offer.”

QuiBids Deals officially debuted on the site Thursday, April 26, offering a Garmin nüvi GPS system discounted at 67%, as well as thirteen other items available for between 34% and 70% off. Several hundred users took advantage of the savings, which prompted QuiBids’ leadership to turn the promotion into a weekly opportunity. A new set of items will be available for purchase every Thursday.

“It’s a new way for us to connect with our customers, offering major discounts on quality products to customers who may not want to participate in our online auctions,” said Jill Farrand, QuiBids’ director of public relations. “It’s a little more like a traditional shopping experience, but with great deals to take advantage of right away!”

QuiBids Deals also operates as a rewards program for QuiBids customers, as only registered users are allowed to take advantage of the savings. While QuiBids Deals are currently only available to U.S. customers, there are plans offer it in the Canadian, Australian, and United Kingdom markets in the near future.

About QuiBids:

QuiBids, pronounced (‘kwi-bids’) as in Quick Bids, is a fun and exciting auction website where you can win big ticket items at amazingly low prices.  QuiBids began in July 2009 and has expanded with their improved internet auction model. QuiBids live auctions are more exciting, reliable and safer than other online auction websites. With the Buy Now feature, no one ever has to walk away empty-handed.  QuiBids’ primary goal is simple: We are dedicated to providing an exciting online auction model with better deals for the consumer than any other website online.

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QuiBids is the nation’s largest entertainment retail auction site of its kind. Its mission is to redefine shopping by providing the best deals possible for its customers with a unique, fun and exciting online experience. Become a fan of QuiBids on Facebook for company updates and promotions.

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