More from the Company - Monthly Newsletter May 2019

During the month of May we have continued our development and documentation work. We held our ordinary annual general meeting, participated at the SAMTIT exhibition in Stockholm and the 4th International Post Cardiac Arrest Symposium in Lund.

We started the month by presenting our interim report for the first quarter and holding ordinary annual general meeting at the company's premises in Lund.

More than 850 MedTech related personnel, nurses, doctors and researchers from all over the Nordic region and over 100 companies participated at this year's SAMTIT Exhibition and Congress in Stockholm. There were many inspiring presentations and discussions during the three days.

We participated at the 4th International Symposium on Post Cardiac Arrest Care at Skåne University Hospital in Lund. More than 200 Key Opinion leaders (KOLs), researchers, doctors, physiotherapists and others participated from across Europe and North America.

The first day focused on the neuroprognostication of patients who have suffered from sudden cardiac arrest, and the second day was concentrating more on the follow-up of the patient, rehabilitation and aftercare.

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QuickCool is a Swedish medical technology company, whose business concept is to save lives and prevent brain damage in acute ischemia (Inadequate blood supply to the brain) by developing and providing a unique and globally patented cooling system, the QuickCool® SYSTEM. QuickCool is active in the fast-growing market, Targeted Temperature Management (TTM), for brain-protective cooling treatment of patients with e.g. acute cardiac arrest and stroke. QuickCool’s solution protects the brain by cooling in the nasal cavity and thus takes advantage of the innate heat exchanger in the nose. QuickCool’s Intranasal method offers gentle and uninterrupted cooling treatment for sedated patients. QuickCool is listed on Spotlight Stock Market and conducts its business at Ideon Science Park in Lund. For more Information, please refer to 



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