Announcement of conveyance of own shares

Raisio plc  Stock exchange announcement 16 June 2010                             
ANNOUNCEMENT OF CONVEYANCE OF OWN SHARES                                        

In March 2010, Raisio plc's Annual General Meeting decided that of the monthly  
reward of the Chairman and members of the Board, approximately 20% shall be paid
by distributing shares held by the company and approximately 80% in cash.       
Rewards shall be paid in two equal lots during the term in June and in December.

Raisio plc has assigned a total of 5,910 free shares (RAIVV) on 16 June 2010   
(other conveyance) as a reward to the Chairman and members of the Board for     
their managing duties. The assignment value is EUR 2.596 per share and EUR      
15,342.36 in total.                                                             

Taking into account the above-specified conveyances, the company holds a total  
of 201,295 restricted shares (RAIKV) and 8,070,600 free shares (RAIVV).         

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