Benecol products launched in Brazil

Raisio plc, Press Release, 17 November 2014 at 9.00 a.m. Finnish time


Raisio’s new Benecol partner Shefa has launched the Benecol milk in Brazil. Shefa is a major Brazilian producer of dairy products and beverages. In addition to the UHT milk now launched, Shefa aims to extend its range with other Benecol products in the future. The Benecol product launch in Brazil supports the target of Raisio’s Benecol business to expand into new markets.

Mikko Laavainen, Vice President for Raisio’s Licensed brands, considers the Benecol product launch in Brazil as a major step. “With our long-term efforts at Benecol business, we aim to expand into new markets with our local partners. Demand for cholesterol-lowering functional foods is growing particularly fast in Asia and South-America due to improved standard of living and changing eating habits. Benecol products are sold in almost 30 countries. In South America, Benecol products are available in Chile, Ecuador and Columbia, and now in Brazil."

Shefa’s product range includes UHT and flavoured milks, fruit juices, soy drinks and creams. Shefa Benecol milk is mainly available in large retail stores in cities around the country.

More than 40 per cent of adults have elevated cholesterol levels among the Brazilian population of some 200 million. The middle-class with purchasing power has been growing in Brazil, which has resulted in a clear change in eating habits. The use of traditional Brazilian foods, such as rice, beans and fish, has declined while the Western eating habits have become more common.


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