Raisio plc Press release 2 March 2009                                           

RAISIO'S ELOVENA SNACK DRINK BECAME CO2-LABELLED                                

The Elovena snack drink Sunny is now equipped with a label describing its carbon
dioxide emissions. Consumers want practical information on the composition of   
their CO2 footprints, and in response to this need, Raisio has developed the CO2
label. As the first Finnish food product, the Elovena oat flakes have been      
CO2-labelled since April 2008, and Raisio will expand the range of CO2-labelled 
products in 2009.                                                               

The carbon dioxide labelling is an evidence of Raisio's strategy of being a     
forerunner and specialist in ecological, plant-based nutrition. As an innovative
company Raisio is in a very good position to meet the new challenges set for the
food industry by environmentally aware consumers.                               

Elovena snack drink is an environmentally friendly food product                 
Elovena snack drink Sunny's carbon dioxide emissions total 95 grams per 100     
grams of product. This rate covers the product's entire life cycle in Finland,  
from cultivation through processing to the store warehouses. This is quite a low
emission rate, so that the plant-based Elovena snack drink Sunny is an          
environmentally friendly food product. The equivalent carbon dioxide of Elovena 
snack drink Aurinkoinen, i.e. its total impact on global warming, is 130 g/100 g
of product. The first CO2-labelled Elovena drinks became available in Finnish   
stores in February 2009.                                                        
The CO2-labelling arouses interest                                              
”Raisio's CO2 label has generated a great deal of interest and talk among       
consumers and decision-makers. We implemented the label in response to the      
growing need for information and the increasingly spreading lifestyle change    
trend. There is a growing tendency in Finland, and elsewhere in Europe, to      
consider luxury to mean things that create mental and physical well-being.      
Plant-based nutrition is part of this trend,” says Matti Rihko, CEO of Raisio.  
Indicator freely available                                                      
”Food accounts for one-third of the environmental impacts of households, which  
is equal to that of housing or traffic. We believe that in the near future, CO2 
emissions labelling will grow more common on food packages alongside the price  
and nutritional content labels already in use,” Rihko predicts.                 
The calculation model used in the indicator is based on lifecycle analysis      
conducted by MTT Agrifood Research Finland. The indicator can be compared to the
Linux computer operating system - all those who want to, can use it if they     
observe the scope required by the indicator in emissions labelling. Raisio      
continues to develop the labelling system further.                              
For more information about food and the climate to support your choices, see    

Further information:                                                            
Heidi Hirvonen, Communications Manager, Raisio plc tel. +358 50 567 3060        
Pirjo Alho-Lehto, Product Development Director, Food Division, Raisio plc, tel. 
+358 500 305 901                                                                

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