A new book of Paimio Sanatorium – Alvar Aalto’s gem of Functionalist architecture

Immediately on its completion, the Paimio Sanatorium was heralded as an international success, and established the basis for Alvar Aalto’s reputation as one of the most notable modern architects in the world.

The book takes the reader on a tour of Paimio: the main building comprised of separate wings, the recreational grounds, staff residences and other buildings that served the sanatorium. Also presented are the historical stages of the sanatorium, from the initial architectural competition to the closure of the hospital. The sanatorium, now over eighty years old, was extended and renovated numerous times as its functions changed.

In addition to its unique architecture, Paimio is also known for its fine interior design solutions. The lamps, furniture and other details designed by Aalto are characterised, in addition to their practicality, by their beauty. Hence many of them are coveted design objects and are still in serial production.

The book’s versatile selection of illustrations, from historical pictures and original drawings to new colour
photographs, creates a superb broad view of this gem of Functionalist architecture.

Alvar Aalto Architect.
Paimio Sanatorium 1929–33. Volume 5
Publishers: Alvar Aalto Foundation / Alvar Aalto Academy / Alvar Aalto Museum
Publishing company: Rakennustieto Publishing
184 pp.
Size: 300 x 245 mm
309 photographs and drawings
Softback with folds | 58 €
ISBN 978-951-682-954-1
Hardback, half calf binding | 78 €
ISBN 978-952-267-074-8

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