Ramsbury Invest AB issues call options to CEO of H&M group

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Ramsbury Invest AB, the principal shareholder in H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, is issuing 300,000 call options to Helena Helmersson, the H&M group’s CEO. The options are issued on market terms and are based on an independent third-party valuation using the Black & Scholes model.

The options issued have no dilution effect for H&M shareholders and no cost to the H&M group since the transaction is against Ramsbury Invest AB’s existing shareholding. Each option provides the right to buy one class B share in H&M at a strike price of SEK 202.48 per share and may be exercised during a 12‑month period beginning three years after the agreement date. Helena Helmersson is paying a premium of SEK 12.34 per option to the issuer Ramsbury Invest.

“I see it as very positive that we have entered into this agreement with Helena since it further demonstrates her genuine commitment to and faith in the future of the H&M group,” says Stefan Persson, chairman of the board of Ramsbury Invest AB.



Liv Asarnoj, Ramsbury Invest AB tel. +46 70 796 52 70 liv@ramsbury.se


Ramsbury Invest AB is a private investment company wholly owned by the Stefan Persson family.

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