World Cup chef picks Rational

Germany’s winning team had SelfCookingCenters at the heart of the kitchen

Top German chef Holger Stromberg, of Munich restaurant Kutchiin, spent six weeks catering for the German national football team in Brazil. From morning until often late at night he looked after 65 players, coaches, physiotherapists and doctors supporting the team. His most reliable assistant in the kitchen: Rational.

"When I found a Rational at the venue, it was like a little piece of home for me,” he said, a few days after his return from Brazil. 

In Campo Bahia, the German team's base in Brazil, he supervised the kitchen planning process for months in advance of the World Cup. For him, it was clear from the start that Rational had to be a part of the kitchen concept.

"It was important, because the catering team on site consisted of very young and sometimes untrained chefs," he said.  "We have dietary guidelines, worked out with the coaching staff, covering how the national team likes to eat and what's good for them. Only the best will do.  Having Rational combi steamers on our side made coping with everything very easy."

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World Cup chef picks Rational – Aug-14

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