Military PTSD Treatment Success Rate of 83 Per Cent for Trauma

UK charity PTSD Resolution has a better than 83 per cent success rate in resolving trauma for 150 UK veterans of the armed services treated, according to a recent study(1). 

PTSD Resolution is a UK Registered charity (No. 1133188) that provides free therapeutic support to Veterans, TA and Reservists who are struggling to reintegrate into a normal work and family life as a result of events during their service in the armed forces.  Treatment is also available to service families suffering secondary traumatic stress.

Resolution’s success rate is similar to the recovery rate in a study of 599 stress-related cases from the general population who were treated using the same therapeutic treatment, HGT (Human Givens Therapy): over 70 per cent reached a significant and sustained improvement after an average of 3.6 treatment sessions (2). Treatment is provided on an outpatient basis, usually comprising sessions of one hour’s duration.

PTSD Resolution has a nationwide outreach network of 200 therapists, organised in a county structure with local co-ordinators and a central call centre (0845 021 7873), and web site (

Key service features include: ‘brief’ therapy within NICE recommendations; people are treated locally, supporting family and work routines; no waiting lists; fully confidential service; and ‘non-intrusive’ treatment, as patients are not required to re-tell traumatic events in detail. The charity says that this ensures a humane approach: any re-exposure to traumatic memories is carried out while the patient is calm, reducing emotional distress. Treatment is available in the UK to armed forces veterans - soldiers, sailors and aircrew and other members of the services - as well as reservists and TA. 

(1) Bishop, P., O’Callaghan, B., 2010. Effectiveness of HG Therapy for war veterans [online]. Available at:

(2) Andrews, W.P. et al., 2011.  Piloting a practice research network: A 12-month evaluation of the Human Givens approach in primary care at a general medical practice. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

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