Remembrance Sunday Launch for ‘80:20 Appeal’ for Veterans’ Mental Health

A new appeal is launched to save a unique counselling service that resolves military trauma for nearly eight out of ten armed forces veterans that complete the programme offered by PTSD Resolution (Registered Charity No. 1133188) - in an average of just five one-hour sessions -

“ PTSD Resolution was set up to provide free treatment locally and without delay - because when veterans ask for help they are often desperate. As a charity we rely solely on voluntary donations. There’s no Government, social services or NHS help. Our funds are depleted by the demands for help, and now there’s a waiting list,” says Colonel Tony Gauvain (Retired), chairman of the charity and a senior therapist in the PTSD Resolution programme.

The charity offers counselling with a unique 78 per cent success rate, Tony Gauvain says. It helps UK armed forces’ veterans, TA and reservists to relieve mental health problems resulting from military service and ease reintegration into a normal work & family life.

The “80:20 Appeal” has two goals: to end waiting lists for counselling; and to offer extra support to the 20 per cent of trauma sufferers who do not respond to the initial programme. With the required funding, PTSD Resolution’s professional counsellors can then provide the help that is needed.

“ The PTSD Resolution national outreach programme has over 200 therapists. It is private, confidential, local and one-to-one. No referral is needed, which reduces any sense of stigma. Counselling is brief and effective – as opposed to the medication, months of treatment or residential care that is too often the response.,” says Tony Gauvain.

Note to Editor:

A pie-chart diagram of the statistics is available, as well as further interviews and information.

Of the ex-service personnel who received counselling by PTSD Resolution over two years, 157 completed the programme, and 78 per cent of these had symptoms reduced to below the clinical level, in an average of five sessions.

 Sadly some people do not respond to therapy – others are in the middle of compensation cases or legal processes that can interfere with their capacity to change,” says Piers Bishop, Director of Counseling

Around one quarter of those who contacted the charity initially were unable to engage in counselling, for a range of reasons. Some were too distressed to focus on the programme, or had lives too chaotic to be able to take part in regular weekly sessions, even for the few weeks required. (Source: PTSD Resolution, 2012 With sustained support even these people can be helped back to healthy living.

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