DIY & home improvement reading has surged over the last year

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Interest in DIY & home renovation has soared over the last year with Readly digital subscription service reporting a 135 percent increase across its home and DIY category. 

Digital magazines have provided much home & DIY inspiration during the last year of lockdown. Readly has analysed the most searched home improvement terms across the 5,000 digital magazines and newspapers on its platform. 

The top home improvement searches on the Readly app were: 

1. Wooden floors
2. Modern rustic
3. Kitchens
4. Paint 
5. Block board
6. Windows
7. Victorian antiques
8. Wood work
9. Baths
10.Floor tiles

 “Reading trends in subjects such as home renovation and DIY have reached record levels over the last year showing how the pandemic has re-focused time and attention towards the home as we have sought to create a comfortable and safe place to be. The magazines on our platform have been a great source of inspiration and knowledge for various DIY projects. It will be interesting to see what the next chapter holds for reading trends as we move out of lockdown”, says Ranj Begley, Chief Content Officer at Readly. 

Readly offers unlimited "all-you-can-read” access to over 5,000 digital magazines and newspapers in one app for £7.99 a month with many UK and international DIY and home improvement titles available to read. During 2020 over 140,000 issues of magazines were distributed and read 99 million times on Readly.  

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